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[News Article] Better public transport system promised
SINGAPORE: Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew has promised a more "commuter-centric" public transport system for the country.

Mr Lui revealed plans such as doubling the number of households living within walking distance to a train station, and empowering commuters to make informed choices when travelling.

He also revealed the Circle Line extension from Promenade and Marina Bay would open this January.

Four months since taking over as Minister for Transport, Mr Lui is making sure commuters are at "the heart of transport policies" in Singapore.

Currently, about 60 per cent of public transport journeys are made on buses.

But a lack of predictability remains a problem.

However, commuters may soon be able to access not just information on what time a particular bus is arriving, but also if there would be seats available on the bus or not.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will start trials on the system this month.

Mr Lui said: "They will probably run the trials internally within the organisation for about three or four months and depending on how it goes, we are going to get selected groups of people to help us out in the next phase of the trial, to see if the information that is provided to them is helpful or not."

Mr Lui added commuters should receive detailed information, such as the percentage of unoccupied seats available in a bus.

Work is also under way to expand bus stops with high passenger usage.

This is to reduce waiting time and relieve traffic congestion as a result of buses queuing, to enter the bus bays.

On boosting capacity, Mr Lui had said that if left alone to operators, this may not be done in a timely fashion.

He said the government will thus need to step in.

But it is understood that perimeters for this are still being set.

Mr Lui said it is best for the ongoing review of the quality of standards for buses to be completed first.

To boost competitiveness, Mr Lui said looking at tendering out a package of routes for competition can be an option and will take some time to firm up.

Opening up options for people to walk to transport nodes instead of relying on a feeder bus service is another initiative.

More sheltered walkways and underground networks will be built.

The aim is to double the number of households located within walking distance to MRT stations --typically within 400 to 600 metres, in a decade.

The ministry is working with relevant agencies to locate housing clusters with higher intensity near train stations, as new rail lines are being built.

Beyond the S$20 billion invested in existing rail lines and the S$60 billion for new rail lines committed under the Land Transport Masterplan (LTMP), plans are also being finalised for additional rail lines and extensions beyond 2020 as part of the 2011 Concept Plan Review.


''as the percentage of unoccupied seats available in a bus. " This sentence was totally a crap, how can the system has a right decision as WAD SD has abt 30 seats available?

Most likely CCLe may open hopefully before CNY
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