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[News Article] Train, bus depots to get security boost
Train, bus depots to get security boost
By S Ramesh | Posted: 14 February 2011 1224 hrs

SINGAPORE: The Public Transport Security Review which was undertaken after the Changi Depot train graffitti incident in May last year, has found there is scope to enhance security at public transport facilities like train and bus depots.

In a statement issued on Monday at the conclusion of the review, the Public Transport Security Committee (PTSC) said this includes more stringent perimeter security measures, such as installing steel welded mesh fencing, as well as augmenting security patrols and checks at these depots.

In addition, more transit security officers would be deployed at the train stations.

The review committee explained that after the Changi depot incident in May 2010, the Public Transport Operators (PTOs) had taken immediate steps to enhance the security at the MRT and bus depots.

These steps included increasing the number of security personnel at the depots, increasing the frequency of security patrols, improving the visibility along the perimeter fencing, and installing concertina wires to reinforce certain stretches of the perimeter fencing at all MRT depots.

The PTOs would also be implementing more stringent perimeter security measures at the MRT and bus depots.

These include additional guard posts, better lighting along the perimeter fence, and video surveillance systems.

There would also be higher security presence in the MRT stations as more transit security officers would be deployed to deter and detect suspicious items or activities.

Commenting on the review, PTSC chairman Chew Hock Yong said: "The recommendations in this review by the PTSC are made with the objective of enhancing the level of public transport security in Singapore.

"To keep our public transport system secure, various stakeholders will need to work closely together and play their part - the government to oversee public transport security holistically at the system level; the public transport operators to remain vigilant and take special care to ensure the security of the facilities and vehicles under their charge; and the support of the commuting public to help look out for and report any suspicious activity that they come across during their public transport journeys".

In a separate statement, SBS Transit said it fully supports the recommendations made by the PTSC.

Since June last year, SBS Transit has further enhanced its security measures.

These include a 20 per cent increase in security guards at the train and bus depots as well as stepped up frequency of their patrols around the premises.

In addition, more lights have been added to the depots to make it harder for intruders to go undetected.

More CCTV cameras have also been installed at the depots and interchanges.

SBS Transit said it has also replaced the perimeter fencing of the bus depots with steel welded mesh, making it more difficult for trespassers to climb over or cut through.

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For train enthus, we need to be aware more from now
i not scared leh
(14 February 2011, 06:21 PM)C151 - 053/054 Wrote:   Show/Hide

it's high time they should enhance security, but why wait until oliver n dat other guy go n vandalise that (C151) train?
My longest post in SGTrains was achieved 18 February 2011 at 03:00 PM.

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