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[Official] Alstom Metropolis C830 [801]
(27 March 2013, 08:33 PM)SMB142J Wrote:   Show/Hide

I noticed the car number is not pasted on the top left yet...
[Image: rect2985-5_zps697449d8.png]

New timeline for development, this time includes the C830.

As I've recently referenced other addon developers, a remake of the original would most of the time turn out mush better than the original. Thus, I've decided to redo the entire C830.

As you can see, the whole train would be remodeled. This is so that there would be a new model developed exclusively for the A380, as the current model is edited from the C751A (with permissions of course).

This would also allow flexibility in the development. As editing someone else's work is really really hard. And if possible, this would also allow some new features to be introduced as well.

Also, the motor sounds would be reworked on. If needed I would require another developer to join me on this aspect as I have completely no experience in motor sounds. Thus I would require assistance and guidance.
- SMB142J -
Chief Developer, SMB142J Studio Productions
(20 February 2014, 08:14 PM)SMB142J Wrote:   Show/Hide
A380? You mean C830? Big Grin
This account is no longer in use - I'd like to be known by another name, but.. I don't have the 10k points to pay for username change Tongue
Is this shade of brown too dark? o.0 if you notice in the photo below, (with faces censored due to privacy issues) the walls of the C830 is slightly yellowish-brown and the doors are white.

[Image: IMG_0422_zpsc6ae05b0.png]

the result in oB:
[Image: 1_zps97d99895.png]

It looks dark from here but when I place the real life image beside the oB it's exactly the same shade o.o
- SMB142J -
Chief Developer, SMB142J Studio Productions
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- SMB142J -
Chief Developer, SMB142J Studio Productions

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