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North South East West Lines (NSEWL) Discussion
(26 March 2017, 06:45 PM)smrtrainlovur Wrote:   Show/Hide

No want has any idea when will the system be switch. It could be this year / next year. So far LTA & SMRT has not announced anything. Please be patient as it will happen any time
New signalling system on North-South Line to be tested on Tuesday, trains to stop for 10 minutes

As Quoted:
This is to facilitate the cut-over to the new system, which will be tested for the first time during passenger service hours.

Mr Tan Yih Long, LTA's re-signalling project director, said: "The results will help LTA decide when to extend trials to longer service hours, and eventually the full switchover of the new signalling system."

Link to article: (ST)
Maybe C151Bs will be included.

SMB3068X in the new livery

Note that 151B only has CBTC signalling.

Given that this revenue trial is to test stability of the CBTC system itself, it's risky to train service shld the CBTC fail and 151B on the line.

Trains will switch back to legacy Westinghouse in a worst case scenario thus the convenient prescene of our WS system is important during this period.
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To be honest, they should have done the transition on the East West Line first, or install the old system on the Tuas West Extension. I wonder when they would actually open the Tuas West Extension, when that section is actually ready for revenue service already.
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Look at it objectively, in the long run, there isnt much point of installing legacy on TWE when its only going to be in operation for 2+ years? 

And history wise, TWE was announced abt a year before resig tender was awarded to Thales . From an LTA project POV, given that both projects were in early stages that time and that it will take abt equal amt of time to complete, its more facilitating to include TWE in resignalling and start it off with cbtc directly. 

This can also effectively save the effort of working with Siemens just for 2+ years of ops in legacy.
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Are they changing the Doors Are Closing announcements again. 

I heard Slow Version of Doors Are Closing recently on 043/044 but with changes. Not like KSF C151A Batch 2 previously. 

BETA one:
Chime. Short Pause Aljunied....Aljunied
ChimeNext Station Aljunied

New one: 
Chime Aljunied Long Pause Aljunied

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