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North South East West Lines (NSEWL) Discussion
(01 June 2011, 02:20 PM)hoarezean Wrote:   Show/Hide

Now still got or not? Later if I got time I go there.
now not sure.. I think it only applies for morning peak or maybe train breakdown.. Anw i am on my way there again now
(01 June 2011, 03:11 PM)hoarezean Wrote:   Show/Hide

Might better off say got HHPSD issue in Boon Lay / Pioneer or Joo Koon? I wonder since the format is like shuttle train between Boon Lay to Joo Koon using platform B (Pasir Ris bound), it means only 1 train serving the BLE sector. Why didn't u just now alight the train, see the RATIS, or even create a separate video on Boon Lay - Pioneer / JKN on this issue.
i didnt have much time since my sch starting soon , sorry for unable to do that, but i doubt is 1 train shuttle, since the trains that arrive at platform b is from the east side, thus, i think that this may be a new svr , tmr i m going back to see the situation if it is what i predicted or if it is smth else
(01 June 2011, 03:39 PM)hoarezean Wrote:   Show/Hide

Just to ask u huh, does 2 platforms in Boon Lay in utilization? I never heard of such announcement of service. If thats the case, then BLE is pointless. Or was it just one / two train fault or even someone jumped tracks?
yes both platform are used
Any idea what are the TRNs for Yew Tee shuttle?
(02 June 2011, 07:21 PM)SBS8730A_069/070 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Old: 092-094
New: Not very sure, but I live in Yew Tee, so very convenient to check.
This account is no longer in use - I'd like to be known by another name, but.. I don't have the 10k points to pay for username change Tongue
(02 June 2011, 08:18 PM)luacs1998 Wrote:   Show/Hide

i try to check next month when my school CCA resumes....
Today 501/502 had a VERY serous train problem so here's goes the whole story:

I boarded the C151A at JUR Platform A. It was TRN 141 for the day. So nice the smell and I dunno how to describe it.

Anyways the STARIS screwed up frm JUR to BBT so the route map was off and the VFDs displayed:

Next station NS2 Bukit Batok
This train service terminates at TE1SPARE

Nearing to BBT the route map returned to normal and STARIS was ok after tat. But the train came to a stop. It then started up again and entered BBT.

When departing for CCK @ BGB, the STARIS didn't register that and continued to display BGB as next station. Even the Tamil suspicious article announcement was played too(it played when departing for BGB earlier).

Only when departing for YWT, the STARIS and announcements reset to normal.

Here's the important part. When departing for KRJ, just after the train started up, it JERKED to a halt. It remained stationary for ard a minute and started moving again but at a very slow spd. It wasn't RM as the trn then accel again after leaving YWT.

But along the right bend in Sungei Kadut, the C151A stopped again and then started up.

When departing for SBW, the trn just like wat happened @ YWT, JERKED to a halt again. This time there were quite a number of ppl on board and some almost lost their balance. But the train started up again.

When departing for YIS, the TO then announced that the train will terminate at AMK instead.

Along the Lower Seletar Reservoir, the train braked hard to a stop and just then I started to smell soya bean milk. A passenger's bagged soya bean drink had spilled to the nice clean floor! And the guy quickly walked off to another carriage. Hence the soya bean was slowly trickling all over the place.

The C151A made multiple stops along Lentor Ave and the TO kept apologising for the inconvenience. Many ppl alighted @ YCK and some were real pissed. CSOs were already @ the AMK platform and directed everyone to C751B Set 337/338 at the middle platform to continue towards MRB. The C151A then made its way to the depot and I think later I saw a C151A lit TRN display on Track 17.

Because of this, subsequent trains were @ 1 - 2min intervals.And there were 2 Malay guys at AMK SB HW talking about that DNB 501/502 wonder who r they in this forum.
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