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North South East West Lines (NSEWL) Discussion
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According to the News, SMRT has added 8 more train trips into NSL
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(29 May 2011, 01:59 PM)C151 - 053/054 Wrote:   Show/Hide

No wonder.. Ytd many of the C651s and C751Bs spamming
"Next stop, Dhoby Ghaut Interchange." - Mrs Melson
(29 May 2011, 03:15 PM)SgTrainLovur Wrote:   Show/Hide

Heard that the 8 new train trips are for weekdays only =X
(29 May 2011, 01:59 PM)C151 - 053/054 Wrote:   Show/Hide

I actually don't get the meaning of "trips" here. Is it whole day service, JUR - MRB or JUR - JUR(via MRB).

And is +8 trn trips meaning 8 more trains get out to the line or less than 8 trains are deployed but the trips incurred add up to 8?


To me, its quite hard to tell if more trains are added to the line. Coz during pk hr, the trend sometimes is:


See the inconsistency. My father tells me this almost everyday when he comes back frm work and I myself also went to certain stations and noticed this pattern. So I can't really tell if more trains have been added.

Quote from willischong in the old thread:

Seems like the TRNs are in their old range during weekends, CGL is back to TRN140 and TRN141 today.

So today, Sunday, is it still the same? Let's c for next wkend if TRN switches back to old like tis 1.
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(29 May 2011, 06:52 PM)Ethan777 Wrote:   Show/Hide

yes.... yesterday take NSL saw TRN051 & 052 while CGL use TRN140 & 141
(30 May 2011, 10:50 AM)C151-049/050 Wrote:   Show/Hide

also it seem like SMRT still use old TRN for weekends thus the new changes to TRN is only for weekdays....
Today NSL 099/100 is TRN 145

And I noticed recently tat more C6s are on EWL and whenever I take em the TRN display is off.
C751Bs sort of spammed EWL todae for the first time after SO LONG..
Smile Tongue
Miscouplement of train 077/081... on East West Line...
Discussion of EWL / NSL can also mean observation of Tunnels there right?

Can somebody enlight me the list of stations in NS / EWL uses TBM except of the sector between

City Hall - Raffles Place.

For BVE purpose. Thank you.
I've transferred the "A Vision Fufilled - The MRT Story" frm the old thread to this thread.

Enjoy! Music is well picked @ start + end. The shiny tracks and the new C151s. It fufills these 4 adjectives: humble, elegant, beautiful and mighty. After watching tis video in the old thread I grew to :heart: the MRT MUCH more and all the memories of JM announcements and un-refurbished C151 trains come crawling back to my mind.
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