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Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) Discussion
Since there was such a huge discussion about Thomson Line, I decided to start a thread each for Thomson Line & Eastern Region Line for discussion.

Here are some technical information, which are subject to changes*
  • 4 Car Formation

  • Depot at Mandai (Part of Orchidville)

  • Depot At Ground Level (Similar to Bishan Depot & Gali Batu)

  • Thomson Line will Interchange with NSL Woodlands Station

  • Thomson Line will have an interchange with a/extension line which will go into JB Sentral at Woodlands North

  • Most Probably Powered By 3rd Rail

  • Eastern Region Line and Thomson Line are to run as one Line.

  • Communication System by ST Electronics

  • PSDs and Signalling by GE Transportation   Alstom 
  • 5 Doors on each side of the car, instead of the current 4
  • Operator: SMRT Trains Ltd

You are free to use your imagination to predict any constructive technical info.

Poll: Who would you like to be TSL Operator?

1. SMRT Trains Ltd [58 Votes / 49.15%]
allstarsnorks2, habiTAT, hassanul, heyheyaaron, Hi1307, Javanlovebuses+Trains@123, leonardtan, LondonUndergroundFan233, MarcusCheeKJ, Mark4211, midzi, nakanoben, saffie730, SBS3118B, Scania96-101/102, Singtel Sticker, SMB142J, smrtrainlovur, The C651, Thomas Yeo, TIB1001Z, TIB1108A, TIB1219M, uuu100145j, xavier2002

2. SBS Transit Ltd [39 Votes / 33.05%]
array88, busanalyser, Gaudicool, jui, Lew.ming, Nexa, SBS6066Y, SMCtransit, StormFire, T. Concerto, Tuas

3. New Operator [21 Votes / 17.80%]
A380Lover, AsHalt, devilreborn, keyang_tay, Kitaro62, Koek Kai Bin, Nobrakes88, Samuel Lee, SBS2611A, SMB3511H, TIB1000B, TIB1064S, tranzort08

This Poll is closed as the right to operate has been awarded to SMRT Trains Ltd.

A summary of some important/interesting contracts for TEL (Not in order) 

T251, Trains for Thomson Line (Kawasaki Heavy Industries/CSR Qingdao Sifang Co. Ltd)
T250, Trackworks for TEL (CTCI Corporation - Some Taiwanese company)
T250A, Trackworks for TEL Stage 4 & 5, DTL Stage 3e and EWL Upgrade (China Railway First Group Co. Ltd)
T252, Signalling & PSDs for TEL (GE Transportation Systems - Now bought over by Alstom Transport) 
T201, Construction of Mandai Depot (Jurong Primewide Pte Ltd)
T301, Construction of 4-in-1 Bus & Rail Depot/New Changi Depot (GS Engineering & Construction)
T302, Construction of Facility Building and Tunnels for Thomson-East Coast Line (China Railway First Group Co. Ltd)
T272, Design, Supply, Install, Test & Commission of AFC Frontend System For Thomson East Coast Line (Cubic Technologies)
T253, Power Supply System for Thomson Line (Meiden Singapore - A subsidiary of Meidensha Corporation from Japan, did the power supply system for NSEWL too)
T261, Facility for Commercial Info-Communication Services for Thomson Line (ST Electronics)
T256, Maintenance Management System for Thomson Line (ST Electronics)
T260, Communications System for Thomson Line (ST Electronics)
T255, Integrated Supervisory Control System for Thomson Line (HollySys (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd)
T281, Depot Equipment for Thomson Line (Hitachi Ltd)
T281A, Depot Equipment for EWL, DTL and TEL - Package A (Siemens Pte Ltd)
T281B, Depot Equipment for EWL, DTL and TEL - Package B (Siemens Pte Ltd)
T279A, Multi-Function Vehicle for Thomson-East Coast Line
T279B, Rail Grinding Vehicle for Thomson-East Coast Line
Hmm... How to interchange with Woodlands Station when Republic Polytechnic is quite a distance from it?
(25 June 2011, 12:06 PM)zidanetiew874 Wrote:   Show/Hide

It will have a station at Woodlands to interchange with NSL then another station near Republic Poly to go into JB Sentral
(25 June 2011, 12:07 PM)C151 - 053/054 Wrote:   Show/Hide

It's most likely a seperate line from Thomson Line to go into Malaysia...
Barely active here.
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  • SgTrainLovur
Since Not Much Information about the eastern Region Line has been released i can only base on this for prediction

[Image: road&rail.jpg]

It is from the URA website so my guess is that the ERL will be running along places very near to the East coast park, and terminates at Changi Village?

Your views, your discussion people Big Grin
(25 June 2011, 12:19 PM)jerryonhere Wrote:   Show/Hide

Yes it could be, but we also cannot rule out that it might also be an extension branch line like CGL...
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  • SBS6057Z
My Speculation.

ER1/TS23 Gardens By The Bay
ER2 Tanjong Rhu
ER3 Meyer
ER4 Tanjong Katong
ER5 Marine Parade
ER6 East Coast
ER7 Telok Kurau
ER8 Siglap
ER9 Bayshore
ER10 Eastwood
ER11 Changi Coast - For golfers at TNM Country Club
ER12 Singapore Motorsport Hub*


I predict its terminus is at the vicinity of Chagi Ferry Terminal and the location of future Singapore Grand Prix that will be built at that area.
Maybe ERL can Interchange with CGA?
The news keep on speculating that the Thomson Line goes to JB... and if this is true, then the KTB service no need to operate here anymore.
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Another line jus like NEL undergrd line to grd level depot. At least TSL trns can see the sun unlike the C8s and 9s.

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