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how to use open bve
I am really sorry to post this. I have downloaded the open bve sofware and have got my folder organized into routes and trains.
I have the North South Line (thanks to the enthusiasts) and I have also got the C131 trains.
However there is no way I can make the train move!
I press f5/f6 to close the doors following the annoucements etc
but no matter if I press A or whatever nothing happens!

Can someone please help me? I am really interested in getting the train to travel down the track and stop and things like that! Please can someone help me?
configure the train however you like. the c151 is a one handle train. just configure the power handle, braking and emergency brake. others i can't help...
[Image: SGTrainSignatureDevotee.png]
Please browse through this website.
Wrong thread. Any mod, please move this to the openBVE forums. Thanks
Thanks I will try out. I am very new to this..sorry that it is a silly question
Erm.. please check the chat box.

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