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Area for Appeal of Offences
(16 June 2011, 02:20 PM)Guest Wrote:   Show/Hide

Do you know mini-moderating/backseat moderating is a rule not just in this forum, but other forums too? You are biased. Not us. And if people wants to help, they can just highlight the post to the moderators/administrators and they can do their job. Just FYI, warning points expire in a DAY. 1 warning points don't kill people.
If you think we are "biased", I strongly suggest you stop visiting this site, clear your browser cookies and history data. I am done, better not let this thread go OT.
Barely active here.
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i'm glad that people are fighting for the "betterness" of SGT but this thread is becoming a fighting ground.
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I have a interest in trains BUT NO INTEREST in SgTrains politics...
I'm just sharing my opinion taht I prefer the way SgFroums is run instead of SgTrains and you guys said that I am starting a flame war....

Quote:Do you know mini-moderating/backseat moderating is a rule not just in this forum, but other forums too?
Yes its true in some forums but majority of the forums, its untrue....

Maybe I am too agitated stating my opinions.
I am sincerely sorry....
fine. now pls watch what you post before posting it. now can this thread go back to what it was created for?
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Well, in the first place, why there is unregistered user posting here?
(16 June 2011, 04:23 PM)Samuel Lee Wrote:   Show/Hide

I allowed guests to do that so that they can request for help even when unregistered. Guess it was a wrong choice to do that.

Also, to the person who decided to go against SGT and go towards SGF, it's the same thing. Just that there isn't the warning system back in SGF, if there was it'll be more or less the same as now. We don't give warning points unreasonably though, please state an example. Do realise the mods of SGF Trains and the admins of SGT are the same people.

And, backseat moderating is unallowed for a reason. What if a person backseat moderates, the person being pointed at is not happy and a flame war results? It's still the best if the post is reported rather than directly shooting at that person, as only staff can read post reports. Furthermore, action is taken without the person warned knowing who reported the post, therefore there is no sabotage or anything.

Administrator Notice:
As a result of this troll, guests are no longer allowed to post here. If you need help but you are unregistered, please send an email to support[at], thanks.
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(16 June 2011, 06:01 PM)willischong Wrote:   Show/Hide

With the exception of few people - BusSpeeder & SBS9889U. Both are like MIA for long.
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Ok. Wait. Isn't this off topic? Huh
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(16 June 2011, 08:13 PM)Samuel Lee Wrote:   Show/Hide

They have become bus fans.

Administrator Notice:
I m very happy to see so many people defend SGT's name. For that, I feel that the time we contributed in running this website is not wasted. I also need to thank all others who contribute to the forum. Anyway, if you do have feedback, Please, start a thread @ the Bug Reports/Suggestions and the admins will definitely look into it.
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Offence: Unknown
Reason for AppealBig Grinon't know why I recieved 2 warning points for SPAM (Did not state where)
Offending Post: Unknown
Moderator/Admin That Implemented the Warning Points:SBS7322B
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