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China's launch of key high-speed railway imminent

China's launch of key high-speed railway imminent
Foreign 2011-06-13 14:45

SHANGHAI, June 13, 2011 (AFP) - China's much-anticipated high-speed railway linking Beijing and Shanghai is set to open this month, the government said Monday, shrugging off safety concerns after a recent corruption scandal.

"The technologies are advanced, the quality is reliable and safety is guaranteed. It is fully ready for operations and will open in late June," vice rail minister Hu Yadong told a news conference.

One-way ticket prices will range between 410 yuan and 1750 yuan ($63 and $270) subject to further adjustments, he added, compared to about 1,300 yuan for a flight between the two cities.

Hu said the trains would run between 250 and 300 kilometres (155 and 188 miles) per hour on the $33 billion new link, although the line is designed for a maximum speed of 380 kph.

The speed is in line with a nationwide directive made public in April that said all high-speed trains must run at a slower pace than previously announced -- no faster than 300 kph -- to make journeys safer.

This followed a major corruption scandal in February that raised concerns over the costs and safety of China's high-speed rail links.

Then railways minister Liu Zhijun was dismissed after an investigation into "serious disciplinary violations" -- a term that usually results in criminal charges.

He had allegedly taken more than 800 million yuan in kickbacks on contracts linked to China's high-speed rail network.

A month later, China's state auditor revealed that construction companies and individuals had last year siphoned off 187 million yuan in funds meant for the Beijing-Shanghai link.

But the new railway is still highly anticipated, as a journey between the two cities may take only four and three quarter hours -- two hours less than the fastest current trip by train.

The Beijing-Shanghai flight takes about two hours. But travel to the airports is in itself time-consuming, and the busy air route is often subject to delays and cancellations.

China has invested heavily in its high-speed rail network, which reached 8,358 kilometres at the end of 2010 and is expected to exceed 13,000 kilometres by 2012 and 16,000 kilometres by 2020.
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110 | Compassvale Int via Changi Airport T4 (Loop)

120 | New Bridge Road Ter to Telok Blangah Heights (Loop)
371 | Sengkang Int to Rivervale Crescent (Loop)

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Walau. So expensive ticket sia.
300 km/h speed limit? I'm in china currently , took the CRH high speed shanghai-nanjing train, reached 329 km/h...
how long was the trip?
[Image: SGTrainSignatureDevotee.png]
Wuxi-Nanjing, 1 hour. Anyways we're off topic liao...

Btw i found an article in the local newspaper about this, not sure if ST has a more detailed report but i've translated the report into english:

tickets >
- 410 yuan (S$82) for the 250km/h second class car
- 555 yuan (S$111) for the 300km/h second class car
- 650 yuan (S$130) for the 300km/h first class car
- 935 yuan (S$187) for the 300km/h first class car
- 1750 yuan (S$350) for the 300km/h executive car (which is not really a "car" but rather a compartment at the frontmost and rearmost of the driving cars where passengers can see the TO's cab)
- online booking of tickets, Chinese citizens only need to present their I/C upon boarding, foreigners not available
Time >
- 63 300km/h trains and 27 250km/h trains in CRH (the operator)'s fleet
- 41 300km/h trains used for Shanghai-Beijing route, unknown number of 250km/h trains
- travel time: 300km/h train: 4h48min , 250km/h train: 7h56min including stops (24)
Stops >
- 24 stops in total
- total distance 1318km, the world's longest high-speed rail route
- passes through Beijing, Tianjing, Hebei, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu and Shanghai provinces
- stops at Beijing south, Langfang, Tianjing west, Tianjing south, Chang1zhou west, Dezhou east, Jinan west, Taian, Qufu east, Tengzhou east, Zhaozhuang, Xuzhou east, Shuzhou east, Bengbu east, Dingyuan, Chuzhou, Nanjing south, Zhenjiang south, Danyang north, Changzhou north, Wuxi east, Suzhou north, Kunshan south and Shanghai Hongqiao
- 3 routes, Shanghai-Beijing direct, Shanghai-Beijing stopping at province capitals and the above router
Safety features >
- 2.85m wall around the railway to prevent "unauthorised entry"
- no smoking in stations
- security checks at all 24 stations (which, by the way, is just a simple x-ray (which they apparently have to have 3 officers staring at 1 screen, and they aren't very focussed either) and using a baton to search your body (I dont know what its called) which isn't carried out very professionally either, they skipped my hands)
- 18 police stations along the route
- 652 OCC stations
- farmers etc, living close to the railway are not supposed to go past the boundaries and they are not allowed to do anything that threatens the safety of the railway
- not bringing any "dangerous (define dangerous)" items onto the trains

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