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"Phantom" Stations & MRT Lines
are there any "phantom" stations on EWL?
[Image: SGTrainSignatureDevotee.png]
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i tot changi airport got.. if i nt wrong
(03 June 2011, 08:27 PM)EW26 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Yea... and that's still a mystery... Some say it will be used for DTL, some says it will still be like that... But Samuel Lee said that at the tight curve before Promanade, there is a section of tunnels, with no third rail, no tracks no nothing except the walls.
(03 June 2011, 08:27 PM)EW26 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Where is it located? I dun c any wooden platform thing within the station. Is this on street level? Or wat?
(03 June 2011, 09:59 PM)Bryanwee1 Wrote:   Show/Hide

But those same walls tat seperate frm the main tunnel to accom. the turnout to the possible link to DTL still come back into mainline tunnel after tat.
Let me, as a "Post 2030 Transport Planner Wannabe" unofficial personal sums up everything with some personal "source" and outsider's source (I.e. Other people's information provided elsewhere):

1: Between NE1 HBF - NE3 OTP

Very true. According to Skyscrapper with a username called "SgMrtbuilder", he claimed that he had worked for various MRT project, including EWL and NEL.


As far as I had read the street directory, most likely the present "NE2" is at somewhere near the KTM railway station or so. Since the entire area is under Malaysia's land, hence it is really unlikely to obtain permission to build another railway station (You like it or not, MRT is still a railway transport) there. This is also why Outram Park was a planned terminus for the North East Line as well, and there is a crossover there similar to Aljunied. (You may rebut on some pre-terminus by 1 station has some sort of crossover, like Tampines. Lakeside and Expo is not considered as it was an ex-terminus before the completion of Boon Lay - And why the heck Boon Lay took the longest time to build? Sengkang was also planned terminus which explains the "typical" terminus crossover like in Yishun, Pasir Ris, Boon Lay etc.)

- Under ION Orchard

Similarly from Thomson Line thread there, there is an speculation of Thomson Line OR Holland Line might use it, especially when one of the user showed an image that is taken from URA Gallery (Similar to LTG tour, and I don't want to tio warning points for this and if I do, I will be going to SPT for sure.)


[Image: IMG2011041900012.jpg]

- Under AMK stn

Hotly commented as per various user, some had even commented that there was an downwards esclators somewhere which had used for some "events" in "long time ago". I myself had never seen such before and do wonder if I ever seen it from [b[passenger (un)paid area[/b] and photo it, is it an offence to post or not. (So I hate these rules, these admins huh, don't want to say liao.)

Back to topic, There was Thomson Line's document states that a cross-platform interchange to be built on "T7" station, most likely situated in Kebun Baru, aka Ang Mo Kio West. Therefore, there is an educated speculation of that line going from Kebun Baru -> Ang Mo Kio -> Serangoon North -> Hougang MRT station -> Towards Defu & Paya Lebar Airport (Tampines West? I did not say Tampines West MRT station near Temasek Poly) -->> Lorong Ah Soo, Ubi, Bedok Reservoir and meets the 2 parts together, just like a ring in present Bukit Panjang LRT without the Ten Mile Junction. That may explain the big empty plot in Hougang MRT station's nearby on top of potential election rally venue that occurs once in every 5 years. It was also featured somehow in "Future MRT Map" that is called "Tampines Line".

- Punggol MRT / LRT station

-- At Punggol LRT station

In SGForums, somebody managed to show that Punggol LRT station has a middle track to be covered by the present flooring. More like Paya Lebar CCL style, but apparently coupled with Teck Lee (PW2)'s sidings / crossover, one would reasonably expect that:

Trains for Punggol North Spur Line will start at Punggol LRT station (PTC) and uses the current track for West Loop until right before PW2 where it will use the future to-be-built platform on the left (Facing towards PW3), aka "JEMP on the EB" on the LRT version. From there, the crossover will go high up in the sky like how Punggol East Loop works and continue for the remaining 4 North Spur Line stations. There was some educated speculation on the 5th station in the Coney Island itself, but however, based on Mitsubishi source, aka the maker of the Crystal Movers AND Street Directory in 2002, there is no such 5th station. As for the returning trip, the train will use the present PW1 bound trip as like how Boon Lay bound trains from Changi Airport utilize the present WB tracks in Tanah Merah.



Mitsubishi's page:

-- At Punggol MRT station
It was widely known that on Punggol MRT station, there is a station box serve as a provision station there. There was a line called North Shore Line (Sometimes North Coast Line) that links Changi, (Loyang?), Pasir Ris, (Lorong Halus?), Punggol (Riviera LRT, Punggol MRT & Nibong?), Seletar (Seletar Airport), Yishun, Simpang and Sembawang. Currently B1 of Punggol MRT station is out of bounds. So most likely that is the linkway to that station box.

- Between DT3 - DT5

Some Straits Times source from government state that no moth-balling of stations after "White Elephant" incident. Therefore, they will use NE2 style on all future to-be-opened stations and somewhere around this news was reported, the Transport Minister also announced the opening of Cadelcott and Haw Par Villa stations along with the other CCL 4 & 5 buddies. It is known to be situated near Hume Avenue, near Old Ford Factory, one of the war memorial area.

- Paya Lebar CCL

Why there is a 3 track station there? Why not Buangkok? Apparently somebody pointed out that every 9 stations, there is a such sidings / middle platform. 9 stations from City Hall (Aka where the Operations Control Centre is) is Ang Mo Kio and Tanah Merah. 9 stations from Punggol is Farrer Park (Middle track sidings). 9 stations from Raffles Place is Jurong East, excluding Dover which was built much later. 9 stations from Lakeside (Ex-terminus before Boon Lay) is Outram Park (Excluding Dover), although one may argue Lakeside or Marina Bay style might not suit Outram when the curve is quite right after the crossing. 9 stations from Toa Payoh (Excluding planned NS12 in Canberra, an ex-terminus of the first MRT sector) is Woodlands. Even 9 stations after Jurong East, if including a planned Sungei Kadut station, is also Woodlands. 9 stations after Chua Chu Kang in the direction of Woodlands extension in Yishun, which "explains for the sidings" as well. Last but not least, 9 stations from Dhoby Ghaut, the first CCL Stage 1 station is Paya Lebar, 9 stations from Cadelcott (First CCL 4 station along the line) is Pasir Panjang, rumoured to have a Outram Park style sidings, 9 stations from Marymount is Mountbatten (Mountbatten - Stadium sidings) and also 9 stations from Buona Vista is Bartley excluding Bukit Brown. So conincdence huh, how come our depots / middle track sidings are usually located in somewhere 9 stations away from a major point?

Ok, enough on 9 stations theory, I had once proudly declared that the real intention of that middle platform is to create a branch line aka Jurong East style before JEMP in Paya Lebar, serving a direct link between Paya Lebar to Marine Parade, which some train fans had strongly against such idea, claming that such link is well served by buses (43, 76 & 135) but the concrete proof is that in one of the exit (Near esclators, no illegal entry involved. That was located in Exit B if I never remember wrongly) in Paya Lebar CCL side, there is a room that states "Future ECP". I will talk more about CCL Branch Line later.

- Expo Overrun (DTL)

According to DTL schematic diagram, I find that Expo's overrun is longer than usual with PG intake. PG or not, is not important. What I find is that original DTL3 schematic showed the possibility of middle track in Bedok Town Park (Again 9 stations from "River Valley station", I would like that to be "Fort Canning Station") which I deemed to be an DTL extension that links the entire Bedok town (Suggestion: Bedok Town Park -> Chai Chee -> Bedok MRT station -> Bedok South {->} Siglap [ERL interchange]. I do have wonders in the Bedok South sectors as in should be 1 or 2 stations after Bedok MRT). But in any case, just like people who opposed to Paya Lebar branch line idea, with the possibility of Hock Kee incident (Whereby the residents of the building was forced to move out after "claims of building structure was in danger" and nobody was expected to vacate on the works commence at that time, before Nicoll Highway incident) plays a major role AND Bedok Town Park eventually did not evolved into second Paya Lebar CCL, which the reasons are came from train fan friend who lived in Bedok claimed the terrain / soil issue in Bedok / Chai Chee might not be suitable for this DTL branch and I speculate the possiblity to avoid Jurong East situation in future OR even that speculated Tampines Line plays a role to that decision). So in any case, ERL is a lone line with interchange on 2 ends, 1 in Marina and 1 in speculated "Changi Airport Terminal 4" or even Changi Airport makes the line useless for the East as people who interchanges around within the East will still find buses are "cheaper, better and faster" alternative.

In any case, Expo's overrun is speculated to have 1 station in Changi South (Changi Business Park) and Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and interchange with the ERL. That is not the best branch as in replace the 2 other branches in Paya Lebar and Bedok, but it is better than nought. I even suggested this in Upper Changi station somehow.

- 3 Thomson Line stations

There was tender documents like "T4", "T4a" and "T10" will be built as shell stations. From what the information available, I find that T4 will be in Mandai, T4a might be on Lentor / Upper Thomson Road and T10 on Whitley / Mount Pleasant Road.

- Esplanade

Again from Skyscrapper, some pointed out that the Esplanade station was designed in very strange way such that Arts Central Line could have been provisioned there. But that would means that Nicoll Highway will be interchanged based on the roadflow along there, coming from the West such as Redhill. Maybe Arts Central Line could have been a "CBD Circle Line / Inner Circle Line" that covers Esplanade, Kampong Glam, Aljunied, Farrer Park / Little India, Tanglin, Redhill -> All of them have some sort of historical value, which is an form of Arts, somewhere & somehow. Most likely at that time of planning, it is an LRT line, along with the Circle Line.

- Promenade

Promenade is made up by at least 2 components, as for now.

Promenade, a cross-platform interchange, aka City Hall style. The present 3rd-rail and trackless platform is supposed to be the Bukit Timah line, aka Downtown Line Stage 1 / 2.

Nicoll Highway by right is the Raffles Place of such station (Doesn't matter). Since the incident happens, Nicoll Highway station rebuilt.... and no level up for her.

There is another branch line spuring from present Promenade - Dhoby Ghaut and extends further from it, probably Somerset and / or Orchard (Ion City??). That will extend along Tanglin area, Holland Road all the way to Clementi (Sunset Way) to Bukit Batok area, with a branch going towards Choa Chu Kang and the other on Boon Lay (Jurong Island?). It is known as Holland Line.

If the past had came true, than somehow Promenade - Stadium is served by 2 lines, in same platform / tracks due to its present track layout makes any terminus there impossible.

After those costly and stupid incidents, that opposite of present CCL platform's fate is a mystery. According to LTA's map, it shows a possibility of a cross-platform interchange. However as a matter of fact, they had digged Promenade all the way til 43m dig, equivalent to 15 storey HDB flat. (Walau B15? I only know Vitamin B12.) They simi talk cock on reducing walking time by bringing the platform nearer so much so that the opposite side on present CCL, aka 3rd rail and trackless platform's tunnel wall has a thickness of mere 30cm ~ 70cm with another tunnel box. That new tunnel box, to put it in clear words, is an impromptu tunnel. Something out of expectation as Past's version. All these so far are in media papers and no rules was breached.

Oh yes, speculated from the maps as pointed out by someone in SGForums. So that 3rd rail & trackless platform has to get her fitting one day. I would be more inclined (As Flip as well) on that platform is for Marina Bay extension. Otherwise, the branch line has to serve all the way to Stadium, kind of 2 lines, 1 platform, 1 track service. Best would still be Holland Line goes as is, 2 lines, 1 platform, 1 track service, starting from Promenade to the West for Holland Line, while CCL will be true "Circle" by closing the loop, and utilize this present 3rd rail and trackless platform, but tunnel modification will have to be made along Promenade - Nicoll Highway sector.

- Lavender, Lorong Chuan & Bishan Depot

According to 1996 LTA whitepaper, there is another branch line from Ang Mo Kio that goes along with Kallang River and links Lavender MRT station as a future interchange. It was named as Kallang Line, a 16km long line. However, on a field trip in Kallang MRT station, along the park connector there to Bishan Park, it is only a mere 6800m. There is a big difference in that to 16km. The distance between Ang Mo Kio to Lavender or Kallang, whatever is it, is about less than 10km (Or maybe 9km). According from that whitepaper, the line below Lavender is an proposed LRT line. But I doubt so. What I believed is still that Kallang Line will go below it, and close the loop in Marina Pier, especially the line reaches the one of the southern most tip land and there is a left turn near 90 degree curve on an helicopter view (IF that was an elevated line). It makes things even so had Marina Barrage station was built as well. In any case, had the Kallang Line commence the works, then Nicoll Highway will have become a 3 way interchange (CCL - Bukit Timah Line with City Hall style interchange + usual walk some distance interchange with KAL, aka NSL Kallang extension). If they had changed to Kallang, then it explains the empty plot of land near Kallang MRT station as well (As compared to no proof / no concrete evidence of Lavender on top of whitepaper) to be a future station, along with Stadium and Tanjong Rhu (ERL).

However, in order to do this, one viable interchange along the Bishan sector would be Lorong Chuan (And that could be an interchange for "Seletar Line" as well, from Future MRT maps) and special provision must had made somehow in Bishan Depot for this. Oh yes, technically we go in and out Bishan depot everyday without via the security guards by taking NSL Southbound from Ang Mo Kio to Bishan. This is why I categorize of 3 stations, Lavender, Lorong Chuan and Bishan depot may have some sort of provisions.

- Chinatown
According to sgmrtbuilder, from Skyscrapper, there was an photograph to say that the Expo bound platform in Chinatown was structurally completed. But most likely that is a violation of the rules here. Please lah, it discourage such discussion here.

As for some field trips I went myself before, I find that right after HBF, there is an "X-shaped" crossover (Most likely Lakeside / Marina Bay style. Too dark to be seen clearly.), but slanted one that curve to its right. In any case, the tunnel there apparently has a PG intake. The difference is, right after present Paya Lebar's middle track, there is a red distinct light in the middle on top of the signaling lights on either side. However, Harbourfront does not have one such. And also, there is a stairway accesss to there as well.

Oh ya, on Harbourfront bound train, right before HBF station, on the left side, there is a dummy crossover as well. Apparently Punggol bound train can turn to its right into this dummy tunnel. There is a fair speculation on the tunnel might possibly connect to CCL due to artist impression in Vivocity.
(03 June 2011, 10:48 PM)Ethan777 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Bo skill lah.

Look at this video:

On 7 seconds of the video, you roughly see a white colour thing on you right. That is what we said of phantom platform.

Edit: The previous post is too long and the better thing to do is to separate the post.
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(04 June 2011, 12:48 AM)Samuel Lee Wrote:   Show/Hide

That white colour thing u r talking about @ 0:07, is it this white strip I can see running parallel to the tracks just below the FHPSDs?
This is the location for PMN Phantom:

[Image: pmnphantom.png]

If you still dunno where, please jump tracks in Pioneer. Thank you.
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(05 June 2011, 12:29 AM)Samuel Lee Wrote:   Show/Hide

Loll, You got serious attitude problem.

Anyway that part of the tracks before the tight curve you can actually see the path for the train to turn in just that its now fence up and there is basically no tracks nor third rail...
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Oh I see....

To most Singaporeans, Promenade on the whole is so beautiful. Relying mostly on the natural light to brighten the platform, this enhances the art theme of water since the station is located near the Marina Reservoir.

But to us train enthus, we know about its dark and hidden secrets about the empty box tunnel at the adjacent platform and some peculiar openings along the tight curve...

Correct me if I'm wrong.

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