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Introductions! Railway Enthusiast, Fall In!
Hi, I like all trains from Singapore and Thailand! I live in Tampines. I am 12 this year, so don't mind me about PSLE.
NameSadPrivacy, please)
nickname: Juice Tin
+65 (singapore)
Primary Student
Combined enthu (train+bus)
Re-introduction of me!

Name: Ryan (But you can call me SmrtC751BTCT!)
Age: 14 (15 by December) Sec 3
Location: Boon Lay, Jurong West
School: Grace Orchard School

Favorite train Reps!
C151 037/038, 059/060
C151A 557/558
CT251 2007

Favourite bus reps!
SBST Volvo B9TL CDGE SBS7369S (Svc 198)
SBST Scania K230UB SBS8592G (Svc 99)

Favorite station reps!
EW27 Boon Lay MRT station (I live very near to my MRT station in the west.)
EW21/CC22 Buona Vista MRT station (I like to visit there to transfer to the Circle Line for my every ride.)

The things I like to do in my pastime:
Creating trains, objects, routes, play Roblox, OpenBVE and other games, recording my train + bus sounds, going out for my MRT rides with different rolling stocks around the entire Singapore MRT system, Maths, English and Science.

The things I disliked all time:
I don't know -_-

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