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Introductions! Railway Enthusiast, Fall In!
Here's a short one XD:
Name: Bryan Wee
Location: NS3 Bukit Gombak
DOB: 20/10/1999

Favourite trains(real life):

Siemens C651 209/210, 237/238
Kawasaki Heavy Industries/Nippon Sharyo C751B 317/318
Kawasaki Heavy Industries C151 059/060
Alstom Metropolis C830 Set 10

Hong Kong:
Hyundai ROTEM K-Stock (Both TCL and Urban)
Adtranz CAF A-Train (Both TCL and Airport Express)
Kinki Sharyo, Kawasaki Heavy Industries SP1900/SP1950

Favourite lines (real life):

SG North South Line
SG East West Line
SG Circle Line
SG North East Line
HKMTR Tsuen Wan Line
HKMTR Island Line
HKMTR Tung Chung Line
HKMTR Tseung Kwan O Line (Both Po Lam and LOHAS Park bound)
HKMTR West Rail Line
HKMTR East Rail Line
HKMTR Airport Express Line
HKMTR Kwun Tong Line
HKMTR Ma-On-Shan Line

About myself:
A member of LPS Infocomm Club
Likes: Bus spotting, Train spotting
Dislikes: Being ignored as if I am invisible, Being squeezed into a train

openBVE details:
How i found out abt openBVE: Youtube video by willischong
First time playing BVE: Does not support my OS
First Time playing openBVE: Early 2009

When i join SGTrains: 5/2/2011

Favourite routes(openBVE):

SG East West Line Eastbound
SG East West Line Westbound
SG North South Line Southbound
SG Circle Line ACW-bound

Hong Kong:
HKMTR Tsuen Wan Line
HKMTR Island Line
HKMTR Tung Chung Line
HKMTR Tseung Kwan O Line

Harbourvale Island:
Harbourvale Line
Harbourvale Airport Express Line
Harbourvale North West Line
All Lines in Harbourvale Island

Favourite trains(openBVE):

SG Kawasaki Heavy Industries/Nippon Sharyo C751B 311/312
SG Siemens C651 219/220
SG Kawasaki Heavy Industries C151 131/132
SG Alstom Metropolis C830

Facebook =
Youtube =
- SMB142J -
사장,  SMB142J Studio Productions
(05 February 2011, 12:12 PM)C151 - 053/054 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Do already Tongue

(06 February 2011, 12:35 AM)Bryanwee1 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Welcome onboard SGTrains! Thanks for giving your introduction. Smile
New start to a new forum Smile

Name: John Chang (jcqh)
Resides at: Bedok
Age: 16 as at 2011

Train rep: 035/036

Likes: Siemens C651, KHI C151
Hobbies: Train/bus spotting, train/bus photography
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  • nickgoh45, WarGreymon X
(06 February 2011, 12:35 AM)Bryanwee1 Wrote:   Show/Hide
That's rather long, anyway welcome to SGTrain forums!

Name: Terence Au
Age: 21+
Occupation: Serving the Nation
Previous School: SP, Electronics diploma.

Field of study in trains:

Railway rolling stock technology
Signalling Systems
Scheduling and Operations

Duration (as at 2011): About 7 years.

Most of my studies are done on Japanese systems. Able to read Japanese may be a plus point, and also a reason to specialize in this country instead of European system. I believe that most people can read English and perhaps a bit of German or French, but not all can with Japanese.

Japanese technology has also awed myself for many years, ever since the first time when I stepped into that country (almost 9 years ago), I was mesmerized. Along the way through numerous visits I came to know friends from there, and I do aim to work and live there one day.
(06 February 2011, 11:38 AM)TIB1224Y Wrote:   Show/Hide

Wow Pretty Cool. Welcome To SgTrains!! We also have a member who is Serving The Nation Soon Tongue
Name : Boylush(Preffered to be called by this name)
Age : 12
How I found out about Openbve : When I am finding real life videos , I saw openbve videos , so i searched for openbve
When I joined sgTrains :6/2/2011
Teo Ren Jie
Lead Developer at RRTS Studios
Also develops OMSI 2 maps!
(06 February 2011, 11:31 AM)SMRT 313/314 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Lol. I agree that it is a little bit long. P: But it's shorter than Nickgoh's intro. Tongue
- SMB142J -
사장,  SMB142J Studio Productions
Name's Wei Shen. 17 going onto 18 this year. Studying at SP.

Basically takes a lot of EWL every morning and on certain afternoons. No favourite train for now, more of a bus fan also interested in trains. Likes and hates squeezing with other commuters during peak hours.
Teo Wei Shen
Member, Projects & Support Dept.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google Plus
(06 February 2011, 01:55 PM)Bryanwee1 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Lol mine is long cos' I never really do proper introduction last time marhs... Big Grin
[Image: nickgoh45-0.png]

Chairperson of Harbourvale City Rapid Transit Grin

Train Reps: 85/86, 221/222

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