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Introductions! Railway Enthusiast, Fall In!
Ben, 20
Monash College Advanced Diploma in Business, to major in Business Administration. Working part time at the same time at a QSR and Security Firm. Does volunteer and ministry work for church.
Lives at Toa Payoh, loves C751B and good hawker fare like ongwj Smile
Prefers buses > trains but still have fair interest in trains. Hope to learn more from here.

Favourite Trains
343/344, 345/346 (kinda obv.)

Favourite Buses
SBS503S SBS7485P SBS9032A SBS9489R SBS9815H
Favourite Trains: 343/344 345/346
Favourite Buses: SBS2793H SBS2999G SBS7485P SBS7622K SBS9810X SBS9817C SBS9889U TIB964B TIB1100X TIB1113J SMB169H SMB282M
Favourite Services: 143 167 186 190 255
(04 February 2011, 01:26 PM)343/344-345/346 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Hello Ben Tongue, Now i Welcome You To Sgtrains. Hopefully you will learn what u want to learn from here too !
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  • 343/344-345/346, Apalis56
Name: Muhd Afiq b Noorazman
Birthday: 26 Sept 1998 (Age for 2011: 13)
Nicknames: Afiqo or Hornet
Location: EW1 Pasir Ris
School: Coral Secondary School
CCA: Floorball

YouTube Account: pasirrisboy (

Train Reps

Bus Reps

Hobbies: Train spotting, taking scenic photos, play soccer & floorball, sleeping

Favourite train:
C151,C651,C751B,C830, Bombardier 4-car Art Mark II (used for Kelana Jaya Line in KL), HK K-Stock train

Favourite buses:
Volvo B9TL Wright, Mercedes-Benz OC500LE, Mercedes-Benz O405G Hispano Habit, MAN NL323F
(04 February 2011, 01:55 PM)209-210 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Hello, Welcome to SGTrains. Please Make urself at home here in this forum Tongue
Name: Brian Ngauw
Birthday: 16 Oct 1997
Location: EW1 Pasir Ris
School: Broadrick Secondary School
YouTube Account: bngauw (Also) =
Facebook Account:
Train Reps

Hobbies: Train spotting, Computer, Going Out

Favourite trains:
Siemens C651, Kawasaki Heavy Industries C151, Kawasaki Heavy Industries/Nippon Sharyo C751B, London Tube 1996 Stock, London Tube 1995 Stock, London Tube 1973 Stock, London Tube 2009 Stock, London Tube 1963 Stock, London Tube 1992 Stock, London Tube C69/77 Stock, London Tube D78 Stock
[Image: tR6TYpt.png]
(04 February 2011, 02:28 PM)Bngauw Wrote:   Show/Hide

Hello, Welcome To Sgtrains! Looks like you have a train fan staying at Pasir Ris too!
Can copy and paste?
About Me

Name: Brendan Tan WH (WH Is my short-form for my chinese name)
Location: NS17/CC15 Bishan
Birthday: 28 September 2000
Occupation: Student
CCAs: IT Sparkx (A CCA in my school that takes part in competitions like WMM And SCSA. Using Flash and Fireworks by Macromedia.)
Website: In siggy. (
Self-description: I am a primary school child which likes trains from young. I know HTML and I want to learn Dreamweaver by Adobe Macromedia. I have the Microsoft certification which looks like this : (well ok this looks dumb cause there's no pic) which can be called the Microsoft Office Specialist(MOS)
I am a train enthusiast, too, and once a bus enthusiast too for about 1 year or so.

Favourite trains:
C151A (Kawasaki/CSR Sifang -Seefang Big Grin)
C830 (Alstom),
C751B (Kawasaki & Nippon Sharyo),
C951 (Bombardier).
Likes :
Train spotting,
Train camping.
Being unable to get on board a train due to over-crowding and waiting for another train because I cannot board the train I like.
Train Simulation

How I found out about BVE: Youtube and Google
First time Playing BVE: Never Installed Before, Never
First time playing openBVE: August 2010
First route played (BVE): Never Installed Before, Never
First route played (openBVE): HBV Line
Developer of: Err... Nothing?
Co-developer of: Err... Nothing again?
Fav routes:
Birmingham Cross City South,
London Tube Lines,
Singapore MRT Lines,
HKMTR Lines.
Fav trains - OpenBVE :
Singapore MRT Trains
C151A (no release yet)
C830 (no release yet)
C951 (no release yet)
London Underground Trains
1995 stock
1996 stock
Needs : Acekard 2i
Joined : SGForums - December 2010
Facebook - Uh, long time ago.
Singapore Transport Forums - 2 Days Ago
Facebook :
Twitter :!/C830C751BC951F
[Image: ik2f1vr.png]
[Image: fIiJ0hY.png]
(04 February 2011, 05:03 PM)C830/C751B/C951 Fan Wrote:   Show/Hide

Well Ok. Welcome To Sgtrains (: Hope u feel like home here.
SMRT 313/314 would like to welcome all new members!
Name: Leonard Tan
Location: EW1 Pasir Ris
Train rep: 033/034, 041/042
Favourite trains:
033/034, 041/042, 043/044, 223/224, 231/232, 343/344, 345/346
Likes: New adverts on trains, new trains coming in to revenue svc (eg. 501/502), DNBs, X-overs, Short trips

Dislikes: CSOs, TOs and commuters who stared and question what I am/we are doing...
MRT Train reps: 567/568, 669/670 7083/7084, 7085/7086 857, 863

Alstom is Love Alstom is Life  Big Grin

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