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Kawasaki Heavy Industries & CRRC SiFang CT251 For Openbve
It's the new start for the new SMRT train rolling stock, It's the CT251.

The new project has introduced the SMRT CT251 train for OpenBVE.
This project has started developing since 22 Janurary 2020, the CT251 train is still under development for some modifications. This project will release it very soon for OpenBVE. Since then, it will come in a long way and waiting for release of the SMRT CT251.

Start of date: 22/01/2020

UPDATE: as of 16 May 2020
Objects and progress completed:
- Interior walls with advert panels
- Doors
- Exterior with LTA logo 
- Middle car end/gangway car end 
- Bogies and bottom
- Seats
- Overhead poles
- Tripoles 
- Roofsides
- Handgrips
- VFD = Train travel information system (TTIS)(Working)
- Dynamic route map display (DRMD)(almost working on it)
- Wheelchair bay

Objects to be added soon:
Finished and no objects need to be added

Objects to be planned features:
- 3D cab with HMI and throttle
- Perch standing seats
- Foldable seats (Only for some CT251 trains is chosen)
- SgATC plugin (Only when OpenBVE SG Thomson East Coast line route is finished developing and is ready to install ATO, ATC, ATP, ATPM, ATS, CM, RM and RMF plugins)

Photos of the CT251:
[Image: josYHoP.png]
[Image: 1qyM5d0.png]
[Image: zd2qHI9.png]
Do you have picture of the updated train
(10 May 2020, 02:25 AM)mohddzikry Wrote:   Show/Hide
Yes I have the updated CT251 train. I will take the picture very soon or I will show you a video I recorded it.
Here is the photos and a video of my CT251
[Image: RdI1Zal.png]
[Image: JxAwan7.png]
[Image: bQ8OB2k.png]
That is a beautiful train. Any update on the khi and sie that you are working on
(15 May 2020, 04:16 AM)mohddzikry Wrote:   Show/Hide
Yes I have a update of my C151, C751B and C651 but it is still modifiying the CBTC box
When is the ct251 going to be released. I am excited and can't wait to try out the train
(16 May 2020, 08:28 AM)mohddzikry Wrote:   Show/Hide

The Openbve SG CT251 is going to be released very soon because I'm still doing some modifications of the head and the front window.
Completion date of CT251 will be released on 25th of May 2020 and it will be premiered on YouTube.

CT251 will be released but no Thomson East Coast Line TTIS working. Only just basic scrolling.

After my release of CT251 I will start developing the Thomson East Coast Line for Openbve but it will take about 1 and a half year to finish the project of TEL v1.3. TEL's estimated completion of project is about Mid-year 2021
(13 May 2020, 08:11 AM)B78xLoverDeveloper Wrote:   Show/Hide
Such a beautiful train, you've made! I wonder is this 6-cars instead of the usual 4-cars?
Favourite Bus: Scania K230UB, Mercedes Benz Citaro 0530, MAN ND323F/A95 and Volvo B9TL Wright Gemini II 
Favourite Trains: Keikyu N1000, Keikyu 2100, Tokyo Metro 16000 Series and Siemens C651.

Youtube channel:

Rep: SG5921Y   
Yeah you're wondering about my CT251 train. Yep this train will be in 4 cars and 5 doors per side. But my train is almost getting a bit ready for release.

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