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North East Line (NEL) Discussion
(08 June 2016, 06:52 PM)leonardtan Wrote:   Show/Hide

Is it feasible to interchange NE2 with CC30 Keppel?

SMB3068X in the new livery
(15 July 2016, 10:08 PM)SMB3078S Wrote:   Show/Hide
If they got provision with station box there might feasible, but seems LTA doesn't planned to have immediate station there for NEL. As they very costly to build the station in between. It doesn't matter as NEL also have interchange connection at Harbourfront.
The provisional station box for NE2 is afaik situated below the old KTM track, which lies after the NEL track has crossed AYE. CC30's location is before that.

An interchange is possible but not much of a point, I don't think NEL really needs an interchange at Keppel when there's one at HBF.


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it would be interesting to see the theoretical NE2 to be a station without an exit in the station box but instead linked to CC30 Keppel for such connection , in theory , which make it NE2/CC30 Keppel with all the station exit at the old KTM terminus ...


On the other theory , NE2 was supposedly planned to be build after KTM moved out of the terminus in 1990 after the Malaysia–Singapore Points of Agreement of 1990 but the statemate that was the agreement caused them to change plans to just build the line and left what seemingly is a provision in the tunnel between HBF and OTP to rot and speculate.

In the new Era of transport, nothing has changed, at least visibly. Disruption still a regular, and perhaps the bus is slow and safe...
New MRT station at Punggol Coast, by 2023.

From the looks of it, there may be plans to eventually extend the line to Coney Island and beyond.
Hi All, 

Ytd I have taken 7071/7072, a few things went wrong(dunno its my ear problem or it is real) -.-" 

1. Announcements are high-pitched
2. The tititi buzzer sound till 5 secs aft door closes -.-" ==
Cheers, Javan

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I don't know about this but, when I went to the HW of NE12 Serangoon station, NB to punggol, I keep hearing this whining noise there. The noise can be a little bit irritating and annoying. Also, it is quite high pitch. I wonder what is the souce of it ?
Just another normal train guy here Smile

Friction against the tracks (where the maintenance there may be low??)
Smile C651 THE LEGEND  Smile

Nope maybe not, I heard that sound during normal operation hours.
Just another normal train guy here Smile

Or may it be the train you are travelling in? C751A..C751C?
Smile C651 THE LEGEND  Smile


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