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North East Line (NEL) Discussion
I want North East Line to be extended as follows:
NE18 Punggol North
NE19 Pasir Gudang
NE20 Pasir Gudang City
And East West Line to extend it to Pulau Ubin!
Ohya, mine is from an official Alstom document.
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(19 June 2011, 06:41 PM)TheGeminiTwo Wrote:   Show/Hide

U want? Tat's a real strong word and with the 'as follows', IMO, may make other users think u demand LTA for a extension. Lang use matters.

Sry for OT guys.
There is a power fault at Punggol station today. Annoucement is being played. Do you all know any other station affected?
NE11 Woodleigh Train Timings:

to NE1 HabourFront -----
5.55 am(1st Train- Mon-Sat)
6.16 am(1st Train- Sun)
11.43 pm(Last Train- Daily)

to NE17 Punggol -----
6.19 am(1st Train- Mon-Sat)
6.39 am(1st Train- Sun)
12.14 am(Last Train- Daily)

From the SBST website

1st Trains on Sunday depart 20mins later.

I noticed something strange... when some trains pass Woodleigh, they say NE10 Woodleigh? Can it be because the fact that Potong Pasir was not going to be built before 2003 and that's why they show NE10?
any vids of the opening of woodleigh?
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(20 June 2011, 03:00 PM)SMRT/SBS Transit Wrote:   Show/Hide

Cannot be. Because all 25 trains have already commence their revenue service since 2003, and Potong Pasir was opened in 2003 along with other stations like Boon Keng, Serangoon and Sengkang.

More possible scenario is rather the system is still "unstable" (As some people's favourite quote). Today 005-006 train (NEL) does not play announcement (Including door closing) and VPIS shows nothing. I took that train from Woodleigh to Serangoon, at 12:35pm or so.
NEL Suspicious announcement:

WEF 20 JUNE 2011
I heard it from Serangoon to Kovan & Hougang to Kovan..

EDITED: I meant in the train ride.
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(20 June 2011, 07:14 PM)SgTrainLovur Wrote:   Show/Hide

The one read by a male?
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