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North East Line (NEL) Discussion
Me Too I Love The 'NEW' Smell
(OT) I like OCs last time smell.

BTT : Don't you guys feel NEL trains are generally faster?
Smile Tongue
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(05 June 2011, 07:37 PM)C751BFTW Wrote:   Show/Hide

C751A's maximum speed is 100km/h, 10km/h faster than C830s ....
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(05 June 2011, 07:46 PM)sni996 Wrote:   Show/Hide

I agree to a certain extent. From experience peering over a NEL TO operating on auto with the lid open once from DBG to SER, the speed NEVER went over 80kmh. straits times claims the train's max speed to be set at 90kmh although the train has the capabilities to run up to 150kmh. And if NEL seems to feel fast, I really wonder what speeds C830s are set at.

Another factor you have to take into consideration is the place you are travelling. NEL runs really fast from LTI to DBG as well as SER to KVN but it's really slow when approaching BNK from PTP as well as approaching FRP from BNK.
C830s may seem slow because of the wide angle turns, though I agree they really feel slower, but at some stretches like LRC to BSH, it goes quite fast.

Since it's really hard to measure speed, I've come up with 2 ways to measure...

1. I usually see how fast a train is travelling by counting the number of seconds the moment a train brakes to the moment the first door enters platform area. PROBLEM: One may argue that brake force may affect this kind of calculation.

2. I look into the tunnels through any door to see how fast the tunnel lights are flying past me. I'm not sure if the tunnel lights are placed at standard distances though... For this, one's sense of tempo must be damn good Wink

I do hope that SMRT increases their train speeds though... For stretches, they seem to be travelling slower than buses.
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(19 June 2011, 11:20 AM)EpicTrainLovur Wrote:   Show/Hide

According to the fleet information of the SBS Transit C751A, only 001/002 till 049/050 existed in Singapore.
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May i know what top speed can C751A go? Previous post saw you all said capable of going 150hm/ph ?. But in wikipedia they write 100km/ph
The designed speed for Alstom Metropolis C751A is 100 km/h, while the service speed is 80 km/h?
[Image: c751amaxspeed.png]
Joey Foo
The web design/development guy.
"Have you tried the '404' page on" @joeyfjj 

Useful links: Download openBVE / C751A
NE18 Pulau Ubin
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By right, since C751A is OHLE powered, therefore, C751A by right can be designed to run at 150km/h or even higher. Also, I believe that C651 onwards could have max designed speed as 120km/h or above, but sad fact again, is still 80km/h max operation and 90km/h max design speed.

So, the (sad) fact is C751A's speedometer's max is only 100km/h and of course, like joey's pic, C751A's actual max design speed is 100km/h, maybe with a bit of varation due to steep slope etc. track condition lah.

Hence, Wikipedia is correct.

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