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[Official] Siemens SIE C651
[Image: 25626138_2027129810889393_11057865401781...e=5AB11D32]

The Siemens C651 train is now complete. What's left is just fine tuning of the sounds.
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[Image: 26026130_2029203967348644_32146729572659...e=5AB76F93]
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(31 December 2017, 12:43 PM)SMB142J Wrote:   Show/Hide

:o working VFDs
Thanks for reading the post above.

favourite train propulsion system is Toshiba PMSM, and favourite bus gearbox is Voith D864.5.

creator of Transport Enthusiasm SG on YouTube, and @sg5757e on Instagram Grin

ok that's about it, thanks for reading and have a nice day Smile

^very crappy demonstration of it 
ignore the background sound as I don't really have a screen recording software for now
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I suggest that you use Bandicam or Nvidia ShadowPlay to record video.
Sound expert.
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When it is going to be released?
[Image: 27912909_2054638131471894_75551053187653...e=5B0C3149]

[Image: 27982794_2054638114805229_60685917184172...e=5B1246F1]

[Image: 28061484_2054638108138563_40894759750361...e=5B16209A]

Want to drive?
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First time seeing you added in the Thales TOD.
(16 February 2018, 10:55 PM)SMB142J Wrote:   Show/Hide

Basically what I’ve observed, there is a Door Interlocking Relay (DIR) indicator next to the PSD indicator. If it’s lighted up, it is in orange. Also, the Close Doors indicator should be in green, similar colour to the Open Doors indicator.
(17 February 2018, 09:47 AM)Kitaro62 Wrote:   Show/Hide
I'm not making it too realistic due to security reasons

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