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OpenBVE SG - East West line route and c651 train?
Topic: OpenBVE

So I've been searching for the C651 Train throughout this forum and I have found it but there link isn't working.
For the routes, the link is also isn't working.

If anyone either have the East-West line route or the Siemens C651 in their OpenBVE files or have a working link,
please upload the files through mediafire and post the reply here.

The files I need are -
Railway (consists of): Sound, Route, Object
I would appreciate it.  Smile
The files are really old (from 2010/2011 I believe). So I doubt that they still exist. Until someone develops a new SIE and/or EWL, you might have to wait for a little while.
Ok. thanks for the reply!
Usually Rides the Downtown Line & East-West Line.

Siemens C651 & Kawasaki C151A lover. Heart Heart
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