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[News Article] North-South, East-West lines will ‘likely’ see shortened operating hours on weekdays:
North-South, East-West lines will ‘likely’ see shortened operating hours on weekdays: Khaw
From: Today Online
By: Kenneth Cheng
Date: 07/11/17

SINGAPORE — It is “likely” that Singapore’s two busiest MRT train lines - the North-South and East-West Lines - will see shortened operating hours on weekdays to give rail workers more time to carry out maintenance and asset renewal work, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan told Parliament on Tuesday (Nov 7).

“Given the scale of outstanding asset replacement programmes, we will need many more extended engineering hours, perhaps even on weekdays. So I am serving notice,” Mr Khaw said during his ministerial statement addressing a slew of questions on last month’s tunnel flooding on the North-South Line (NSL).

“Line closures will, of course, inconvenience commuters. I seek commuters’ understanding and patience should we decide to do so. We are likely to do so.” Explaining that the limited non-service hours were a “significant” obstacle to speeding up the renewal of ageing rail assets, Mr Khaw said he has asked the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to work with operator SMRT to see how more time can be “squeezed out” for engineering.

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