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Installing OpenBVE
Hi there, 

I cannot download openBVE - Harbourvale Line because WinZip asked me to sign a contract (need money) and when I clicked on the’ where to download OpenBVE’ thread, there was a video of a man saying ‘ Congratulations. You have just won six million dollars. ‘ It definitely is a scam so I did not bother to listen to anymore of this bunch of baloney. A staff at DTL3 OH told me that the admins would put the link up on the SGT FB page. I waited more than a week but no link no nothing. Pls give me the correct and accurate link as of 23 October 2017, Monday. Thanks and cheers! Smile
Cheers, Javan

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~Signed by Javan

FIRSTLY. You posted in the wrong section.

SECONDLY. The download is not ready hence please be patient and wait. 

THIRDLY. The site to download openBVE on the forum has no issues. In case you went to the wrong place: 


ALSO: Please use the search button next time before you post... your answer could have already been answered somewhere

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今日も JR西日本をご利用くださいましてありがとうございます。この電車は環状線内回り、大阪、西九条、弁天町方面行きです。次は、桜ノ宮に泊まります。お客様にお願い致します、有線座席ではお年寄りや体の不自由なお客様、妊娠中や乳幼児をお連れのお客様がいらっしゃいましたら席をお譲り下さい。ご協力をお願いします。
(23 October 2017, 07:39 PM)Javanlovebuses+Trains@123 Wrote:   Show/Hide

You can download the OpenBVE software, which allows you to add-on different railway lines and trains.

I am not sure about the Harbourvale Line problem, but it is likely you have clicked the 'wrong download button' because of the intense amount of internet advertisements these days.
Hi there! I am a railway technology enthusiast.

North South Line for openBVE [NB: MSP - BSH]

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