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C951 For Openbve
I am very sad to say that I have stopped working on this project. Coding in OpenBVE is just not for me. Maybe someone else will make the C951. This project is now in my graveyard of dead projects.
I am working on the C951 with a new thread. But I'm not posting the thread yet.
Good news is that I have restarted the C951 project from scratch, the bad news is that I can't work on this alone because of PSLE so I need people to help me.
(24 August 2019, 07:57 AM)tayoaxel Wrote:   Show/Hide
Can I help u? Please PM me if u accept this.
Good news is that the C951 now has sounds and is now no longer silent
I might work on the DTL for openbve. I recording announcements now but I might not start the actual project  till next year.
The BVE Developer who loves future trains. 

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