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Bombardier Transportation
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Hyundai Rotem Company
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Kawasaki Heavy Industries / CRRC Sifang
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Discussion on CR151 - Replacement Trains for North-South / East-West Lines
The CR151 train model is the Bombardier MOVIA, which is actually the same as the C951 trains running on the Downtown Line.


Those who want a preview of the CR151 can take the Downtown Line C951 train, which is actually the same model.

I believe LTA considered economies of scale when considering Bombardier’s bid, as having the same model would mean that they can mass-purchase the same equipments for both the C951 and CR151.

Meanwhile, I believe the C151B and C151C, and the C830, C830C, C751C and C751 are actually the same models.

Perhaps the sgtrains editors can consider consolidating the train model information page on sgtrains website, by merging identical train models into one, so that it serves the true purpose of the train models page.

1. CR151 and C951 (with emphasis on the difference between driverless and non-driverless)
2. C830, C830C, C751C and C751
3. C151B and C151C

I believe there are official names for these train models, like the Bombardier MOVIA and Alstom Metropolis, etcetera... so, it may be better to refer the trains to that rather than the contract number.

Especially if they have the same technical specifications, like same motor, same weight and same dimensions.

Meanwhile, the NSEWL and TEL trains are probably unique on their own, except for C151B and C151C which are probably the same model, with the same body and probably also the same engine.
Regarding your post, it is fair to say that the trains in each group are from the same family (1. Movia 2. Metropolis 3. KSF) but to say that they are the same model is quite wrong. Each stock is their own model and unique in their own way. You can't say two trains are the same model because they have the same engine. Also, C951 is a 3 car set whereas R151 is 6 car set so they are very different and the experience riding them would be different.
You only realise that the lack of disruptions cause more pain than the disruptions itself when SMRT's twitter feed goes dry and there is nothing to write about. 

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Also the C951 is a passenger vehicle (PV) while the R151 is an electric multiple unit (EMU). So both are different.
Just another normal train guy here Smile

Huh? Got difference meh? I thought electric multiple unit, in this case, is a subset of passenger vehicle? Which means to say, C951 is also a electric multiple unit, and CR151 is also a passenger vehicle.

Please enlighten me on that. Thanks.
(01 August 2018, 10:14 PM)busanalyser Wrote:   Show/Hide

Because of six-cars formation which commonly called as "EMU", while the term "Passenger Vehicle" or "PV" for 3-cars systems like CCL, DTL or 4 -cars TEL.
(01 August 2018, 10:22 PM)A380Lover Wrote:   Show/Hide
Yup, except for the NEL stock. They are a little bit different from PV and EMU. NEL also used 6 car system and used the Overhead catenary.
Just another normal train guy here Smile

(02 August 2018, 07:59 AM)Kadrian_45 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Actually NEL rolling stocks is also considered as EMU, as they are also in the 6-cars configuration. Whether they use 3rd rail or OCS to collect power for the train, it is another thing.
Oh, I thought fully automated trains are PV and the one with the driver cabs are EMU. 
Just another normal train guy here Smile

Ok, this is really no brainer... let me just say, 

Electrical Multiple Unit is a unit of electrical multiple. Basically, a unit that runs on electricity, like a MRT train.

Passenger vehicle, on the other hand, is just a vehicle, like the bus, car and train. It can either run on electricity, petrol, water, hydro cells, kinetic energy, or whatever ways possible to move the vehicle.

A Electrical Multiple Unit train is a subset of Passenger vehicle, but not all passenger vehicles are electric multiple units.

Likewise, not all electrical multiple units are passenger vehicle. Only those that carry passengers are passenger vehicles.

A MRT / LRT train, regardless of contract number, is an electrical multiple unit because it runs on electricity.

A MRT / LRT train is also a passenger vehicle because it carries passengers from one point to another.
Mockup of CR151 at SG Mobility Gallery(formerly called as LTA Gallery):


Voting for design of CR151 here: http://www.tinyurl.com/r151-trains

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