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Discussion on Alstom C851E - Trains for Circle Line Stage 6/North East Line Extension
Wish they bought 7 to make the total a nice round 50 instead of leaving it hanging at 49. Oh well.

What I don't like is the black and purple colour scheme is the same as bad guys from old cartoons. It's pretty much the same shade as well.
Considering the new circle line trains are in the same contract as the new north-east line trains, I have a feeling that the new circle line trains may also come in the same livery design as the new north-east line trains, with the only difference in the colour (orange instead of purple) and the operator logo (smrt instead of sbs transit).

In 2006, when the first circle line train arrived in Singapore, the livery design was also different than the livery design on the north-south line and the east-west line trains at that time, despite being operated by the same company as the north-south line and the east-west line. Nonetheless, after a while, everyone got used to the new livery design. What is happening now is precisely the same as what happened in 2006.

Although it may take a while to accept the different livery of the new north-east line trains, and potentially the new circle line trains as well, as they are under the same contract, the consolation is that the different liveries add variety to the trains that run on the north-east line and circle line, whereby the trains currently only have one livery design.

In the future, one would expect the new rolling stocks to also come in different liveries, such as the ones on the bukit panjang light rail and the downtown line.

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