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Kawasaki Heavy Industries C151B [601/602] for OpenBVE
The Kawasaki Heavy Industries & CSR Qingdao Sifang C151B for OpenBVE

This project has started sine 16 April, and is still under development. It will be released soon.
Since then, I feel that it has come a loooooong way.

UPDATE 17 June 2017:

- New seats
- New Glass Panels

- Exterior
- Doors (might move and shrink the caution sticker)
- Overhead panel

To be Done soon:
- Overhead Poles and handles
- Fix signalling box area
- Edit Interior Walls
- VFD Display

Planned features:
- Handgrips
- 3D Cab
- Gangway

[Image: 869TZkP.png]

[Image: 6a6n4kH.jpg]

[Image: Kg5Eb6A.png]

[Image: qpYJ75O.png]

Doors are closing preview

I don't think OpenBVE supports video in .ANIMATED files, but if it happens to, that's better.
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Very nice! Really loving it! Really love to see the A/C Ventilation and the central fan unit so that it will make the interior little bit more realistic
Wow, that's pretty fast!

Keep it up!
[Image: ZeKpWeM.png]

Redid exterior because the previous one had colours that were out of proportion.

[Image: vJ4kyVd.png]

Made decals seperate textures (so that they're higher resolution)
Poles also done (but looks a little awkward)

Still haven't done the ceiling stuff yet though
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Spot the additional animated object  Big Grin
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Getting a bit bored fine tuning the stuff, so...

[Image: FTgtOoB.png]
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Guys, here's the thing. I am just nine years old but if you guys accept this in the forum I will ask you which application to make and how to make.
(29 August 2017, 04:24 PM)kirbyfan777 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Make what?
- SMB142J -
Chief Developer, SMB142J Studio Productions
(23 July 2017, 12:12 AM)uuu100145j Wrote:   Show/Hide

You could make the doors close later to be more realistic

The VPIS was also a nice touch
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To make a train, SMB142J.

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