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[Press Release] The Rail Report: Higher Reliability and Expanded Network in 2017
The Rail Report: Higher Reliability and Expanded Network in 2017
Press Release 20/01/17

1. The reliability of the MRT network improved last year. Trains clocked 30% longer distances before experiencing a service delay of more than five minutes, with the Mean Kilometre Between Failure improving from 133,000 train-km in 2015 to 174,000 train-km in 2016. There was, however, a slight uptick in service delays exceeding thirty minutes, from 15 incidents in 2015 to 16 incidents in 2016. Major renewal and upgrading works are in full force to further improve reliability. In 2017, commuters can also look forward to the opening of the Tuas West Extension (TWE) and the Downtown Line 3 (DTL3), expanding our rail network by 15%.

Signalling System Upgrade Undergoing Rigorous Testing

2. Re-signalling works on the trains, stations, depots and the Operations Control Centre for the North-South Line were completed last year, and final testing has commenced. We intend to conduct more than 1,300 tests, including simulations to ensure that the new system responds quickly and effectively to unexpected conditions such as loss of communication signals, before putting the upgraded signalling system into operation.

3. Given that the re-signalling works are complex, and international rail operators had advised that there were significant teething problems during their own projects, LTA will transit to the new signalling system progressively. This will start from March 2017. We will begin operationalising the new signalling system during off-peak periods when there is lower ridership, such as the last hour of train service and on Sundays, before operationalising it during busier periods.

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