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[Press Release] SMRT’s first Singapore Rail Technology Conference promotes rail reliability with shar
SMRT’s first Singapore Rail Technology Conference promotes rail reliability with sharing of best practices among experts
SMRT 18/11/16

1. SMRT Corporation has convened the inaugural conference for rail operators and industry experts from Asia and Europe. Titled the Singapore Rail Technology Conference (SRTC), the inaugural conference will be held today to provide a platform for sharing and potential collaboration in the area of technology development and innovation among operators of some of the world’s busiest metro lines.

2. More than 20 international railway experts will present and lead discussions on topics concerning timely and appropriate asset renewal and upgrades, condition monitoring breakthroughs for train and track systems, and design and systems thinking for greater rail reliability. Amongst the experts are Professor Clive Roberts, Director of the UK’s Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education; Lee Kang-Kuen, Professor of Transportation Practice, Department of Electrical Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University; and Professor Alfred Huan, Executive Director, Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR.

3. The SRTC will be attended by more than 250 railway professionals and staff from SMRT as well as the Ministry of Transport, the Land Transport Authority, local and overseas railway operators, and academic institutions. The conference comes just after the Community of Metros (CoMET), an industry grouping for metro operators, held its annual meeting for the first time in Singapore.

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