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[Press Release] SMRT to host annual meeting of world’s top metro operators for the first time
SMRT to host annual meeting of world’s top metro operators for the first time
SMRT 14/11/16

1. SMRT Trains will host the Community of Metros (CoMET) Annual Meeting 2016 for the first time. It will be attended by top executives and officials from the world’s largest and busiest metro systems, from 14 to 17 November 2016.

2. Established in 1996, CoMET is currently an industry association of 17 metros in 16 cities[1], each with a ridership of more than 500 million passenger trips a year. The CoMET Annual Meeting is the group’s most important yearly gathering. The Singapore meeting, attended by all member metros, will provide a forum for members to share operational experiences, assess how their metros have performed, identify best practices, and learn from one another as part of an effort by metro operators to uplift standards of service around the world.

3. A sister organisation, Nova, serves as an industry grouping for 17 medium-sized metros from 17 cities. Two Nova members in the regional area which operate metros in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur will attend this meeting as observers.

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