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[Press Release] The Rail Report: New Signalling System, Rail Line and Extension and Trains Next Year
The Rail Report: New Signalling System, Rail Line and Extension and Trains Next Year
Press Release 26/10/16

1. The Government has made significant investments to expand and upgrade our rail network. Since 2013, the train fleets for the North-South and East-West Lines (NSEWL), the North East Line (NEL) and the Circle Line (CCL) have all increased by about 25% while the overall rail network has expanded by 20km. Rail reliability has improved, with the percentage of journeys which did not experience delays of more than 5 minutes increasing by 70%. In other words, the average distance travelled between delays of more than 5 minutes on the MRT network made a significant improvement, recording 160,000 train-km this year, as against 94,000 train-km in 2013. More rail improvements are underway, to bring faster and more comfortable journeys to commuters.    
Upgrading of Signalling System, Rigorous Testing Underway

2. In 2012, LTA began upgrading the signalling system of our oldest line, the NSEWL, from the existing Fixed Block System to the more advanced Communications Based Train Control System, which allows trains to run more closely to each other while continuing to ensure operational safety. With the new signalling system, train intervals can be shortened from the current 120 seconds to 100 seconds, thus increasing the maximum line capacity by 20 per cent.

3. On the North-South Line (NSL), re-signalling works on trains, stations, depots and the Operations Control Centre have completed. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) and SMRT have commenced tests on the new signalling system, by running trains fitted with the new system on the NSL during engineering hours. As the move to an entirely new signalling system is a complex project and problems could impact commuters across the entire line, LTA will, as a precautionary measure, devote more time to do more extensive tests to ensure the reliability of the system before launching it. This is also on the advice of international metro operators who have carried out similar re-signalling projects in the past. The upgraded signalling system will become operational in 1Q2017.

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