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Support Group for the Direct Alignment of the Cross Island Line
Dear Train Fans,

Nice to meet you guys, please allow me to post a new thread here.

I have just set up a support group for the direct alignment of the Cross Island Line (CRL), and we are looking for more people to support us.

As some of you may know, there is a group of people who collected signatures and asked LTA to decide on the skirting alignment for the CRL, as they do not want to have any tunnel work under the Central Catchment Nature Reserve (CCNR).

However, our stand is very clear, the tunnel work brings very minimal impact to CCNR, there is no tunneling work at CCNR. The direct alignment is also much more economical for the project itself and future transport users. So we should support for the direct alignment. In the mean while, we'd like to spread our view on the direct alignment and the modern tunnel techniques.

Our aim is to make people understand and make the right decision on the planning of CRL.

Please click "like" on our page at
and join our discussion at:
Thank you very much!
Speaking as a forum admin: The SGTrains Forums is intended for discussion of matters relating to the urban rail network in Singapore. While this may be borderline advertising, it is nevertheless an important subject that should be discussed. As such, we've removed the links in your signature and in your post.


On a personal note, the biggest argument against the direct alignment is not the tunnel-boring itself, but the requirement for disruptive investigation works for determining ground location. What are you comments regarding this?
Joey Foo
The web design/development guy.
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Useful links: Download openBVE / C751A
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