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[LTA/Operators] Bus Contracting Model (BCM/GCM)
The Land Transport Authority has ordered another 122 units of MAN A95
[Image: P_Bus_EOT_Singapur2_width_878_height_659.jpg]
Quote:Following an initial order of 60 units in 2015, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore placed a new order with the local importer STK for 122 of these compact but surprisingly spacious double-deckers, intended for use in service in urban transportation. The chassis will be supplied before the end of 2016, with the complete buses to be delivered in 2017. Since the first orders five years ago, the MAN bus fleet in Singapore will now increase to over 950 units.

Source : MAN corporate press release

In the new Era of transport, nothing has changed, at least visibly. Disruption still a regular, and perhaps the bus is slow and safe...
(11 September 2016, 02:17 PM)AsHalt Wrote:   Show/Hide

Is the 122 buses the SMRT type of MAN A95 or the bus carnival one?
SG5755K-SG5782G is the darker tone lush green while SG5783D onwards are the lime green  version with no black cover in front same as TT A22 lush green.
Check the picture of the two different lush green at:
Service used to serve:
KJDEP 300 (2015)
KJDEP 970 (2015-2016)
Currently serve as a Spare Bus (SP)
From the looks of it, the Seletar package will be using only MAN buses.

Already, there’s the MAN double-decker buses deployed on SBS Transit bus services. Recently, the MAN A24 and MAN A95 were spotted with the SBS Transit logo at the Seletar depot. 

As far as I know, there’s currently no other bus model besides the MAN buses being received by SBS Transit. Meanwhile, SMRT has been receiving new Citaros.

Considering Go-Ahead won the Loyang contract with the lowest bid and is operating a uniform fleet of single and double decker buses (Volvo B9TL and Mercedes-Benz Citaro only), there’s a possibility that SBS Transit may be using only MAN buses in the Seletar contract, since they won the Seletar package with the lowest bid.

By using the same model or the same brand, the company can cut cost by reaping economies of scale. As the manufacturer and the components are largely the same, the company can purchase most components in bulk and enjoy costs savings.

Nonetheless, this is just a speculation. Whatever I write here may not be correct, so please do not take my words for real. Please wait for the information from the official sources, such as observing the buses next year when the Seletar package is implemented.

Thank you for your kind attention.
(19 October 2017, 12:26 AM)busanalyser Wrote:   Show/Hide

With BCM being unpredictable and still in the early stages, it's hard to say whether they're going to implement a standardised fleet, or just making sure the buses still look familiar in the area, or whether the original fleet of SBST buses on the current SBST routes will stay. So far there hasn't been much of a trend.

TT has a fleet of MAN A22s, MB Citaros, Volvo B9TLs and that one A95 concept bus.  A mix from both original PTOs while controlling both former SMRT and SBST routes. GAS has a fleet of MB Citaros and Volvo B9TLs, basically the bulk of SBST's fleet, while controlling former SBST routes only. So with this observation, I'm thinking the fleet will be similar to TT, with the A24s and A95s. 

I'm just interested to see whether SBST fleet that hasn't been involved in the BCM switcharoo (namely the KUBs) will be involved or just transferred out.
Those that are not involved in the BCM may be sold to other bus companies, whether local or overseas, if their lifespan haven’t expire by the time the BCM is fully implemented in 2026.

Looking at the projected expiry dates at sgwiki, a bulk of the Scania K230UBs would expire in 2026, while a portion would expire in 2027. It’s possible that most of the Scania K230UBs would get early de-registration or sold to other bus companies when the time comes.

Likewise for the Mercedes-Benz OC500LE, which would expire around the same time as the Scania K230UB.
(19 October 2017, 12:50 AM)busanalyser Wrote:   Show/Hide

It is uneconomical to retire units just to ease out the fleet standardisation, considering they make up a big part of SBST's fleet too. If LTA doesn't purchase them, SBST can just deploy them in the packages that are tendered out later.
Exactly what I mean.

What I think may happen is that SBS Transit and SMRT would redeploy their non-BCM buses around (to negotiated contracts) as the BCM packages are launched, and retire the buses as the lifespans expire.

But after every package is implemented, there will still be non-BCM buses whose lifespan haven’t expire; got about 1 year left. For those buses, it’s either an early de-registration or sold to other bus companies.

Nonetheless, there’s also a possibility that they will be sold off about 5-10 years early, due to factors like Euro standard compliance and the pursuit for more energy efficient or environmentally-friendly buses.

So, yeah, it’s quite unpredictable on what’s going to happen to those non-BCM buses.
The Selatar takeover will probably reveal more of how they're going to reorganise the fleet, since this is the first takeover by another local PTO unlike the previous packages.

SBS Transit has won the BCM package of Seletar Bus Package
Cheers, Javan

-117/118, 603/604, 858
-SMB1484R, SBS7619X, SBS3388M

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~Ursula K. Le Guin
(From an interview in Jonathan White’s Talking on the Water)

~Signed by Javan

SBS Transit won the Bt Merah bus package again.

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