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[News Article] MRT train on North-South Line struck by lightning, affecting service between Yishun a
MRT train on North-South Line struck by lightning, affecting service between Yishun and Yio Chu Kang
From: Straits Times
By: Christopher Tan, Chew Hui Min
Date: 11/05/16

SINGAPORE - An SMRT train on the North-South Line was struck by lightning in a sudden thunderstorm on Wednesday (May 11) afternoon.

The incident happened around 4pm between Yishun and Yio Chu Kang stations, crippling the train.

"At 3.46pm today, it was suspected that lightning struck a location between Yio Chu Kang and Khatib Station along the North-South Line," said Mr Patrick Nathan, SMRT's vice-president of corporate information and communications.

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Lightning strikes 'won't hurt MRT commuters'
From: Straits Times
By: Adrian Lim
Date: 13/05/16

The steel frame of an MRT train keeps commuters inside safe from lightning strikes, and is like the protection offered when one is inside a car or an aeroplane, said experts.

Hence, a lightning strike, which was suspected to have crippled an SMRT train during a heavy thunderstorm on Wednesday afternoon, would not be dangerous to passengers inside the train.

SMRT did not confirm if the train was hit and said only that lightning struck in a location between Yio Chu Kang and Khatib stations along the North-South Line. The affected train had to be pushed to a station by another, and no one was hurt.

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