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Washington Comes to Grips, Slowly, With Shutdown of Metro System
Washington Comes to Grips, Slowly, With Shutdown of Metro System
From: The New York Times
Date: 16/03/16

WASHINGTON — Buses overflowed, bike lanes swelled and highways across Maryland and Virginia were stop-and-go as this city crawled its way through two elongated and unpredictable rush hours on Wednesday, brought on by a decision to shutter the region’s subway system for an emergency safety inspection.

But for much of the day in downtown Washington, where Metro, as the region’s subway is known, was gated shut, there was relative calm, as street and foot traffic — made lighter by legions of workers clocking in from home — moved at a steady clip. Many who went about their weekday routines said they could deal with a day’s disruption if it meant safer rides on a public transportation system where reliability and safety have become perennial concerns.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Paul J. Wiedefeld, Metro’s general manager, said that the inspections had helped to do just that and that he had authorized the system to reopen on Thursday morning as planned, after repairs to more than two dozen cables found to be damaged are completed.

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