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Metro trial run up to Edappally on Mar 18
Metro trial run up to Edappally on Mar 18
From: The Hindu
Date: 06/03/16

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, (DMRC), the executing agency for the Kochi Metro project, is bracing up to extend trial run of the first Metro train up to Edappally by March 18.

The train had successfully conducted its first trial run in the 3.50-km-long Muttom-Kalamassery corridor a week ago, touching speed of up to 10 kms per hour. The aim was to ensure that there was adequate clearance for the train and to be on the lookout for flaws in the alignment of track and third rail from which power is sourced. The train would cover a total of 6 kms in the trial slated up to Edappally.

“We have decided to focus more on test runs on the 1-km-long track within the coach-maintenance depot at Muttom, than ply along the viaduct. This is because all ongoing works like laying tracks, installing third rail, and signalling and telecommunication equipment will suffer for a day or two whenever trial run is conducted over the viaduct. Last week’s trial run held up these works for about three days since 3.50 kms of the metro viaduct had to be cleared of workers and machinery.”

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