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No motormen needed in city’s metro trains (Nagpur Metro, India)
No motormen needed in city’s metro trains
From: The Times Of India
By: Ashish Roy
Date: 02/03/16

Nagpur: The city's metro rail will be using the latest technology for signalling whereby the trains can ply without drivers. However, Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (NMRCL) will still use drivers as additional safety measure and for increasing mental comfort level of the riders. This technology will allow higher frequency of trains.

"We have decided to use communication-based train control (CBTC). This system is only used in the new metros. In our country it is being used in Hyderabad. In many foreign countries, many trains using this technology do not have drivers at all," a NMRCL official said.

"There is communication between two trains in this type of signalling. This ensures that a fixed distance is maintained between them. This distance depends on the maximum speed of the trains on the track," he added.

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