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[Suggestion] Selection of "Video Type" postings in forums
Hey admins,

I would like to give suggestion that the selection of "Video Type" default would be 'YouTube' since most of the forum user like us, would post videos as the video are being uploaded using YouTube.

Currently, the "Video Type" selection default is Dailymotion and I have never seen anyone posted video from Dailymotion in forums. I would like to suggest that the "Video Type" selection default would be 'YouTube' since it would be easier for us to paste video links in the Video Type Selection side.

Hope that you can take in my suggestion and further improve the postings for each forum user. Thanks and have a nice day ahead!
The default is not Dailymotion, it just happens to be selected because it's the first in alphabetical order.
Joey Foo
The web design/development guy.
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Yes i agree i find it quite irritating, but having looked through the Control panel there isn't anything i could do to make it better, i m sorry. 
Benjamin Goh 
Forum Administrator (ORD LOH!)
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