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The Bombardier-Alstom Consortium and the STM Inaugurate Entry Into Service of Montrea
The Bombardier-Alstom Consortium and the STM Inaugurate Entry Into Service of Montreal's AZUR metro cars
Press Release Alstom 07 Feb 2016

It’s with great pride that the Bombardier-Alstom Consortium, manufacturers of the new generation of metro cars for Montréal, celebrated today with the Société de Transport de Montréal (STM) the entry into service of the new AZUR metro cars.

Raymond Bachant, President of Bombardier Transportation – Americas, stated that “We wish to congratulate our customer, the Société de Transport de Montréal, with whom we inaugurated today the AZUR metro cars. We have spared no efforts in carrying out this project and helping shape the City’s vision: offering Montrealers cutting-edge metro cars that will provide STM passengers with the reliable, comfortable and rapid service to meet the high expectations of Québec’s metropolis”.

“AZUR has undergone strict and extensive qualification testing on the STM network, validating the metro trainset in its operating environment and confirming its performance,” said Angelo Guercioni, President of Alstom Canada. “With today’s entry into service, passengers can be assured of comfortable, enjoyable and safe journeys.”

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