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[Tender Notice] Tender Notice & Discussions (Jan 2016 - Dec 2018)
Tender No. QX16-030
Maintenance of High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans in Elevated SMRT Stations

Tender No. QY16-034
2 Year Term Agreement for the supply of Train Couplers and related Spares for KHI, KNS and KSF Trains

Tender No. QX16-029
3D SMRT logos changeout at SMRT Premises

Tender No. QX16-028
Two Years Term Contract for Transformer Oil Laboratory Test

Contract Ref. 9347
Supply of Mobile Scaffold Towers for Downtown Line Stage 3 and Tuas West Extension

Tender No. QY16-053
Two Years Term Agreement for Supply and Delivery of Bearings

Tender No. QX16-034
Design, configuring, set up, testing, commissioning and training in our logisitic control room (LCC)

Tender No. QX16-033
Two-year term contract for cleaning services at CCL train stations and depot

Tender No. QZ16-009
Supply of Air Springs for KHI trains


Contract Ref. 2PQ-T253A
Tender cum Pre-Qualification for Contract T253A - Power Supply System for Thomson-East Coast Line Stage 4 and 5

Contract Ref. T253A
Power Supply System for Thomson-East Coast Line Stage 4 and 5

Contract Ref. 1685A
Upgrading Works at Permanent Way and Locomotive Workshop in Tuas Depot

Contract Ref. T2181
Design and Construction of Passenger Service Centre, Station Masters' Room and Ticket Sales Office for Thomson East Coast Line Stations


Tender No. QX16-036
5 Years Term Agreement for Comprehensive Maintenance of Elevators

Tender No. WZBGZ(2016)-125
T251 bodyworks prototype

CSR: (in Chinese)
Tender No. QY16-070
One Year Term Agreement for Supply of Rod Guide Stop for KHI trains (with option to extend for an additional year)

Tender No. QY16-073
One Year Term Agreement for Supply of Rubber Bush for Guiding Rod of Bogie for KHI trains (with option to extend for an additional year)

Tender No. QY16-063
One Year Term Agreement for Supply of Chevron Spring Assembly (with option to extend for an additional year)

Tender No. QX16-038
Servicing of BVI Intake Transformer

Tender No. QU16-007
2 Year Term Contract for Tranformer Oil Lab Test

Tender No. QU16-009
Two-Year Term Contract for Supply of Labour and Lorry for Reconditioning and Restoration of Permanent Way Infrastructure

Contract Ref. 8818
Relocation, Restoration and Reinstatement of Tanjong Pagar Railway Station Platforms

Contract Ref. IT211
WIFI@MRT Phase 2


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