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New app tells you where to stand on MTR trains to get to exits fastest
New app tells you where to stand on MTR trains to get to exits fastest
From: Hong Kong Free Press
By: Vivienne Zeng
Date: 03/12/15

Two Hong Kong young men have developed a new mobile application to help MTR passengers find the fastest way to get to their exits. The PokeGuide app tells users which train door to stand close to in order to get the shortest distance between the train and the exit of their choice.

Co-founder Brian Hui, 32, tells HKFP that he and his brother Andre came up with the idea nearly two years ago to “help solve young people’s lateness problem.”

“Young people are always late these days,” Hui said, “We were thinking about how to save time… It is a very good feeling if you get off [the MTR], the escalator is right in front of you and you are faster than all the other passengers.”

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