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HK$1b MTR upgrade to add eighth car to Hong Kong's West Rail line trains
HK$1b MTR upgrade to add eighth car to Hong Kong's West Rail line trains
From: South China Morning Post
By: Christy Leung
Date: 28/11/15

The MTR Corporation is to spend HK$1 billion adding an extra car to existing seven-car West Rail Line trains to cope with a surge in passenger numbers.

A total of 28 trains will be converted into eight-car trains over the next 30 months to meet demand driven by the future East-West Corridor of the Sha Tin to Central Link.

The railway company said it will take one month to convert a train as each individual carriage will need to be unlinked and the new one added in the middle, with more than 1,000 cables having to be reconnected.

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99.9% On-time Performance Maintained in 2015 to October
First 8-Car Train Converted on West Rail Line

MTR Press Release 27/11/15

MTR customers continued to enjoy train services that were 99.9% on time in the first 10
months of 2015. This is as MTR operated more train trips than ever before to provide extra
carrying capacity and more convenient journeys for passengers. For every one million car-km
of passenger train service operated from January to October, there was less than one (0.36)
incident of a delay of 8 minutes or more, the best performance since 2008.

“We are pleased to continue providing a very high level of service for our customers. This is no
easy task given our network is busier than ever with the 2,600 weekly train trips that we have
added since 2012. The good performance is, of course, due to the hard work of our frontline
operating and maintenance colleagues,” said Dr Jacob Kam, Operations Director of MTR
Corporation. “We do understand customers are inconvenienced when a lengthy delay does
occur. That is why we have further strengthened our engineering rapid response teams and
implemented more efficient mobilisation of customer support staff at the stations this year, all
with the aim to maintain smooth service and facilitate recovery of any delays as quickly as
possible, while providing the assistance needed to our customers.”

To further enhance train service, additional capacity will gradually be introduced on the West
Rail Line as the existing 7-car trains are converted one-by-one into 8-car trains under the
Shatin to Central Link (SCL) project. The first 8-car train is now under testing and passengers
will soon see it conducting test runs on the West Rail Line during the traffic day. It is targeted
to begin passenger service in January 2016.

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