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Train's related articles on NewspaperSg
This is what i found the old news article on NewspaperSg which related to trains:

"MRT trains likely to be made in Singapore", "ASEA-Sembawang venture to build MRT train cars here"(MRT rolling stock likely build in Singapore if ASEA-Sembawang or Singapore Automotive Engineering-Metro Camell wins):

"Getting to know the how it will work"(Technically, the MRT can run automatically, but Singapore prefers not to have driverless train):

"Three on MRT shortlist"(Shortlisted of 3 designs for C151 bid):

"Bigger MRT contract for rolling stock"(Original plans was opted for six-cars trains, then to four-cars train but later back to original plan(six-cars train)):

"Tension mounts as MRT signing day draw near"(Kawasaki has proposed using Mitsubishi or Westinghouse traction motor, but it also considered GEC's")

"Thirty-four selected to bid for MRT contracts" (There are 11 companies/JV bids for C151)
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Back in 2000 - 2002, some of the friday's TODAY newspaper had a section for SMRT. Here is some of them:

A hard night's work

Fancy driving an MRT train.

Saved on the MRT

Drop off the MRT and have a bite 

Mr Smile

Seeing you home after your party 

Give way please

Take a train ride, learn something

Cool, cool fan

Courtesy on track

Ready, set, go!

Being better for us

Going the extra mile

Keeping the vigil

Keeping noise at bay

Getting on track(Delivery of last KNS train)

Nightly race against time
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Sorry for keep your waiting, here is the Part 2:

Ok, now relax

On the right track

Auto-smart SMRT

Comfy Rides

Gallery for the passengers 

If you love to eat

For the love of SMRT Farecards

Pick your top stop

The fun begins

The patience game

Best foot forward

Tunnel charity walk

Stop being kaisu at MRT stations

Sweating for Charity

Do trees a favour

Next stop, Expo Station

Direct connection

MRT Tunnel dare

Braddell station top in donations

Sacrifice pays off

A little noisier, but much safer
Here is the Part 3:

Help! I can't find my mum

Cool underground

And now, for the top...

The right staff

Best stop: City Hall

Cycle, park and ride

Right to keep left

Did you know

Walk right, stand left

Creative, colourful

EZ on the elderly

Behind the pretty face

Shopping on the go

Colonel rides the trains

The easy way out
"North-south line off first" 

In 1982, MRTC did not include the present day Pasir Ris, Choa Chu Kang (known as "Bukit Panjang" in the modified plans in 1984) and Expo stations in the system map. There is also an additional station on the EWL: Delta MRT station, to be built between Tiong Bahru and Alexandra stations (Alexandra is today's Redhill).

"Serangoon and Hougang may be next on MRT line" 

Back in 1984 the MRTC (now LTA) had started planning for the NEL. 

A rough sketch of the NEL alignment is shown in this 1986 article. Among the details known was that the NEL was to comprise of the main line from Outram to Punggol and a spur from Hougang to Jalan Kayu. Also, MRTC planned to elevate a certain stretch of the line from Braddell Road onwards (presumably Potong Pasir).
MRT Train reps: 567/568, 669/670 7083/7084, 7085/7086 857, 863

Alstom is Love Alstom is Life  Big Grin
As you know the articles after 1990(2010 for TODAY newspaper) which not able access from home on internet. But i managed to photocopy this article.

(The Straits Times 21/11/01, Computers Times)
"Ride On Time"
This article talking about the how IT makes the train scheduling easier which they using new customized software for compiled train schedule then.
[Image: Image%2012_zpsyar2crbk.jpg]
[Image: Image%2013_zpsrqzehhsc.jpg]
[Image: Image%2014_zpsszhga7t4.jpg]
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"More MRT, LRT Lines"(24 Oct 2001)

This was then Transport Minister announed Bukit Timah Line(now DTL2), original Eastern Region Line(now part of DTL3 and East Coast Section of TEL) and Jurong Region Line(planned as LRT then).
"Proposed MRT: Central station at Clementi"
Back in initial plans, they originally planned the main depot at Clementi area.

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