Poll: Will BPLRT and SKPGLRT have HHPSDs in future???:D:D:D
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On the BPLRT only!
3 6.12%
On SKPGLRT only!
2 4.08%
20 40.82%
Will not one!
8 16.33%
10 20.41%
I dont know!!!
6 12.24%
Total 49 vote(s) 100%
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Retrofitting of Fixed Barriers at LRT Stations
(23 November 2011, 05:38 PM)joeyfjj Wrote:   Show/Hide
Totally agree!!!Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Yours sincerely,
(23 November 2011, 04:50 PM)gs97 Wrote:   Show/Hide

I won't hope the HHPSDs...NO! I won't want them to culture in our LRT system as well..they are like viruses that would spread once they start... :S I want the nice fresh air to come into the stations and not blocked by some black and transparent glass...Confused
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(23 November 2011, 06:09 PM)Ethan777 Wrote:   Show/Hide

i don't want something to block my view of the trains ...

train reps: C651 - 233/234, C830 - 34, C751A - 047/048

Bus reps: SMB145B, SMB1406S, SMB3536L

Vee-Power on 145

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Well, its your own view, guys...
Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
Yours sincerely,
In my opinion,
building platform screen doors is quite feasible on LRT. Since LRT serves the neighbourhood, only passengers from the vicinity of the neighbourhood will board and alight. Chances is if any drunk passengers or circumstantial events where someone have headache/not feeling well, fell to the tracks, that will be bad, especially around late night. But with platform screen doors, he/she have the support of the PSDs. But all depends whether the residents would demand PSDs. Then the government would decide on.

Well, it only block the view of the other platform and the LRT trains at the station if used PSDs.

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PSDs already look out of place at train stations. Anyways. what are the possibilities of drunkards on the LRT system, none that i know of, so from my point of view they wouldnt.
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It is better to have HHPSD in case someone jump down or drop their handphones.
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(13 December 2011, 05:28 PM)ghg749 Wrote:   Show/Hide

not cost effective

except for Sengkang LRT Station and Punggol LRT

rest should not have HHPSDs

imho RDH, QUE, COM, BNV and CLE is ... with the HHPSDs

train reps: C651 - 233/234, C830 - 34, C751A - 047/048

Bus reps: SMB145B, SMB1406S, SMB3536L

Vee-Power on 145

I don't think LRT Stations have HHPSDs one lor.
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Heart C651 211/212, TIB1173K.

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If the are going to build it, I hope that would use those kind of small HHPSD like those used on Sentosa Express. Maybe just slightly bigger a bit?
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