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Introducing the SGTrains Slack chat!
Introducing the new SGTrains Slack team!

Slack is a messaging platform that works on mobile as well as in your web browser. Share your #train-spottings, photographs, or just chat about random things in #random. It's somewhat similar to SGTrains Buzz, except this is also a chat app, which is useful for conversations too!

[Image: sgtrains-slack.png]

We'll be running this as a trial for about a month, and if it's useful or popular, we'll make it official!

Of course, what's a chat app without friends? Get your friends and other enthusiasts to join too! You'll be able to create private groups to chat amongst yourselves too.

You need to sign up for this, so click on the button below to get started. Some of us are already online, and will help you out if you have any problems once you've joined!
(New users, click here to get an automatic invite!)

The SGTrains Slack team is deprecated and is being replaced by a Discord guild.

Signups for the Slack team is now closed.

Joey Foo
The web design/development guy.
"Have you tried the '404' page on" @joeyfjj 

Useful links: openBVE: Download openBVE / C751A / NEL (WIP)
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