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[Hong Kong] Express Rail Link opening pushed back to 2018
Express Rail Link opening pushed back to 2018
From: International Railway Journal
By: Kevin Smith
Date: 03/07/15

MTR says the Express Rail Link project to construct a high-speed line from West Kowloon in Hong Kong to the Chinese border and Shenzhen is expected to exceed its budget by 30%, or $HK 20bn ($US 2.58bn), and the opening will be further delayed until the third quarter of 2018.

MTR's CEO Mr Leong Kwok-Kuen delivered this verdict in the company's latest assessment report of the project, which is part of the Guangzhou - Shenzhen - Hong Kong high-speed line, to the Hong Kong SAR government on July 1.

"There are three reasons behind the overspending," Kwok-Kuen says. "First, the construction period is longer than scheduled; second, it includes unplanned costs such as extra projects caused by geological conditions that we did not expect; third, the construction costs have been increased, including both manpower costs and costs for materials."

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