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End-of-Life Upgrade for Kawasaki Heavy Industries C151
Hi, finally had time to update my Excel Spreadsheet. 

Mark4211 is correct, 111/112 is MIA from 30/8/2017
85/86 MIA 26 Aug 2017 onwards

On a side note: This Excel Spreadsheet Spottings are compiled by The Train spotting thread, YouTube and my own spottings, of course. You may have other spottings, but what i declare may/maynot be true. 
So, this is my own spectations. it may not be true though.  Wink Smile
Cheers, Javan

-117/118 Heart, 043/044 Heart, 603/604
-SMB1484R, SBS7619X, SBS3388M

Artists are lucky to have a form in which to express themselves; there is a sacredness about that, and a terrific sense of responsibility. We’ve got to do it right. Why do we have to do it right? Because that’s the whole point: either it’s right or it’s all wrong. 

~Ursula K. Le Guin
(From an interview in Jonathan White’s Talking on the Water)

~Signed by Javan


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