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End-of-Life Upgrade for Kawasaki Heavy Industries C151
(06 July 2017, 07:31 PM)Mark4211 Wrote:   Show/Hide
Okay. Thanks for the infomation.
025/026 finally on revenue service on NSL with PMSM .

P/S: I managed to spot this train a day after it was reported. 
(16 July 2017, 08:32 PM)Javanlovebuses+Trains@123 Wrote:   Show/Hide

83/84 spotted two days ago on EWL.
Bus reps: SG5556T (SBST), SG5572X (SBST), SG5757E (SMRT) & SG5793A (SMRT) 
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Alstom is Love Alstom is Life  Big Grin
- Previous 2 posts deleted due to new update on 260817

Have anyone spotted this two trains recently as I haven't seen it recently?
Train and last spotted dates are updated here
Credits by me, SGT Train Spotting thread and YouTube

057/058 - 09/08/2017
079/080 - 04/08/2017

TYVM in advance! Smile
~Meow Tongue

 Welcome To NSL, 117/118 ;Heart u rep! 

Come on,
There is only success and learning experiences
Next station NS9 Woodlands-117/118

<Ding Dong> 
If You See any suspicious looking person or article,please inform our staff or press the Emergency Communication Button Located at the side of the train doors.

Reps:  117/118 - Main|065/066|045/046

~Signed by Javan

From buzz: 095/096 on revenue service in PMSM
AREA Transit Pte Ltd Welcomes You Onboard!

Trains Rep: 123/124, 803

(15 August 2017, 06:45 PM)A380Lover Wrote:   Show/Hide

Which line? Planning to catch it sometime this week
(15 August 2017, 09:08 PM)saffie730 Wrote:   Show/Hide

On NSL, I think usually when a 'new'/upgraded train comes back onto service, it will be on NSL because of BSD

But I'm not saying that it will not transfer lines and go to EWL from your 'catch it sometime this week'
Mark Loh
Hi there! I am a rail enthusiast, currently studying at a polytechnic in Singapore.
Dunno. Spot and see lor
Benjamin Goh 
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