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End-of-Life Upgrade for Kawasaki Heavy Industries C151
Guys, i want to clear some misunderstanding. 

First, don't expect information to be fed to you. People can be kind enough to share, but don't always expect this to happen.

Second, yes the forum is for discussions, and by discussions I mean meaningful discussion... I don't think anyone wants to come to a forum and read pages and pages of wild guesses. 

Third, only state a train if you are darn sure. Spare some effort to go look at the trains that are running. Everyone has commitments, not just you. Some users here are even adults, who have more things to worry about than just homework and studies. I am on Full Time National Service, i have to worry about the Army. You think i have more time than you? I believe Alvin doesn't have any more time than you. He knows more because he makes the effort to spot and not expect to be spoonfeeded . 

I apologise if i sound harsh, but this is the reality.

On the topic on PMSM. I/LTA/SMRT/SRE have never stated that the full project will continue, so you never know when the project will stop. It may stop after 065/066, it may not, there may be more... you never know.
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今日も JR西日本をご利用くださいましてありがとうございます。この電車は環状線内回り、大阪、西九条、弁天町方面行きです。次は、桜ノ宮に泊まります。お客様にお願い致します、有線座席ではお年寄りや体の不自由なお客様、妊娠中や乳幼児をお連れのお客様がいらっしゃいましたら席をお譲り下さい。ご協力をお願いします。

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RE: End-of-Life Upgrade for Kawasaki Heavy Industries C151 - by nakanoben - 25 March 2017, 08:22 AM

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