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[Suggestion] Creativity Forum?
I was just thinking that it would be great to have a forum for all the creative ideas like fan made train lines or new train models. There, we can also suspend reality and create new things with no limits! What do you guys think? Big Grin
T. Concerto ™ trains<-
(Love all the^new lines and stations!)
Formerly pyston
Train reps: 547/548, SPLRT 07, 9011
Station reps: DT14 Bugis, BP14 Ten Mile Junction, Changi Airport Skytrain Station A
MTR Train reps: A351-A352, A375-A376, E109-K409
Also likes: 4 Language Jurong East Announcements
Read the forum manual!
That would be a good idea. Big Grin
In my imagination:

The last train to Boon Lay is at platform A. The last train to Boon Lay is at platform A. Please board the train now, good night.

(Joo Koon towards Boon Lay)

Next station, Bugis. This train service will end at Marina South Pier.

(Cross-line service from Pasir Ris to Raffles Place; although impossible in real life Grin Grin  )

Attention please. The last train to Marina Bay is arriving. The last train to Marina Bay is arriving. Passengers traveling towards Marina Bay, please proceed to the platform now. Thank you.

(The last train to Marina Bay in the Circle Line)


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