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[Official Event] [STAR 2014] Singapore Train-Enthusiasts' Amazing Race
Evening to late evening
Hi all, Wei Shen and I will be your official photographer for the day. Do smile for our camera if approached!
Alternative Transportation Department
Moderator of Singapore Urban Trains & Buses Forums


Reps - 325/326, 513/514, 059/060, TIB868X, SMB84T, SBS6060M, SBS8062U
We would like to thank all participants and committee for their participation and in making the event a successful one! Smile
Anyway had a great day for making this event success. I understand that some of the EXCO this year is busyness due to NS commitment. But you got make a time of organizing the STAR again this year and i am enjoying it as participants. For me, i give 8/10 for yours effort of how was this event organised. Give yourself a big round of applause!

I also want to thanks Erwin and runners Victor, Malvin for make this day a good one. Also thanks Ethan777 for joining the race for very first time with clean sweep with no penalty. Most importantly thanks all the participant for making a effort for joining this race.

Congrats to 343-344/345-346 and johnmelvin2010 for winning this race! For my opinion, this race is not about winning, is about the teamwork and perseverance about how we can work together well. Lastly, the bonding with the forum team and mates well together!

Had a good rest after today! Big Grin
Really enjoyed the race, it was a fun, well planned and memorable one.
Though I do hope that the yield is shorter. 30min was a bit too long and difficult to catch up, despite the roadblock, so I suggest that it be shortened to 10-15min.

Once again, thanks to all the organisers of the race for their effort put in planning and the congrats to the particpants for completing it!
Kamsia for #sarpok93 & #sarpok153 Tongue
The official results of the Singapore Train-Enthusiasts' Amazing Race 2014 (STAR 2014)

1st: SBS73O8TanYihLiang - 343/344-345/346 and johnmelvin2010 (Team G)
2nd: #TheAchievers - SBS2991C and Nyan-oh-Meow Meow (Team F)
3rd: TrainBus Specialists - Ethan777 and Singapore commuter (Team C)
4th: EnviroLee - SMB313H and A380Lover (Team A)
5th: Triple 10 - T. Concerto and chu yao min (Team J)
6th: ScrapTaro - TIB984T and SMB3005C (Team B)
7th: TeamSCANIA - Wright_Gemini and 1441Sealops2 (Team D)
7th: Dragon Ambassadors -TIB1192E and SBS7655R (Team E & H)
7th: TeamInfinity - ExPreSS518LoVuR™ and SMB166R (Team I)
Hi participants,

we have sent out an email for the feedback form, kindly complete it for us asap Smile 

Thank you and happy new year ! 
Any sign of STAR 2015?

Registration should be starting soon if there is one (I doubt so as there has not been any announcement).
(07 October 2015, 09:25 PM)hi1307 Wrote:   Show/Hide

I don't think they have STAR 2015 as most of the forum team are busy for others commitments (ex. like NS)?
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(07 October 2015, 09:30 PM)A380Lover Wrote:   Show/Hide

i think it is the same case... for a few years now they didnt have this
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